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    Cat vs. Dog

    created by Ladybug2012 375 days 12 hours 3 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Cat vs. Dog


    Which one do you prefer, cats or dogs? If you like dogs, bigger or smaller? Which breed do you like most?

    I am definitely a dog person, though I have no problems with cats. I love the bigger breeds though and I don't really care for the smaller ones, they're mean. My favorite type of dog is the Rottweiler, they are the cutest! I love them, especially their little eyebrows! Their faces are full of expression and they're are so nice. They love to cuddle. They are also protective and loyal to a fault. I love Rottweiler's.


    Re: Cat vs. Dog

    Hey Ladybug!

    Easy question to answer for me: DOGS hands down! I've owned dogs and cats, and I just have to say that dogs are just my much more preferred animal. They're always so loving, willing to play, and are always in a cheerful attitude most of the time! I totally agree with you about the facial expressions and their niceness. And yes! They also love to cuddle.

    - Kyle

    Re: Cat vs. Dog

    Hi, we have cats and dogs, but I am a dog person. We have had both small and large dogs and I do like both, because of the fact that we had a great little dog. He was a Rat terrier and had the heart of a large dog, both in mentality and as an athlete. Right now we have a Blue Heeler, which is a medium size and he also has the heart of a big dog with a feisty attitude and great athleticism. We had a black lab/border collie for 16 years and she was a ton of fun.

    - W

    Re: Cat vs. Dog

    Hi LadyBug,

    Happy Friday!

    I prefer Dogs over cats anytime and I really love smaller dogs. My favorite breed would be a Shih Tzu, Lhaso Apso, and a Yorkie but I don't mind getting big dogs like golden retrievers. I never owed a dog before because my parents are not fans of dogs and never allow me to get one but when I move out I really can't wait to have dogs because they are so adorable and lovable.

    Thanks for the forum and have a great day!

    Re: Cat vs. Dog


    I really like small kittens. I can't ever go near a dog. I have a phobia of them because I almost got attacked when I was a child so When ever I see a dog I get away. I get nightmares even till this day. But kittens are really cute. I don't like their ears though lol I don't know why they look weird to me.

    Have a lovely day!