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    Would you pay more to live closer to work/school?

    created by monicam 369 days 22 hours 22 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Would you pay more to live closer to work/school?

    Americans spend 100+ hours a year commuting to work. The average travel time to work is 25.4 minutes each way, according to the US census. That seems like a lot of time that could potentially be used in a more productive way. I know some people here in NYC who spend two or even three hours commuting each way to work or school!

    To reduce commute time, the best idea would be to move closer to your destination. Assuming that you'd want to live wherever that is, would you spend more money (let's say rent is 1.5 of your current rent) to live closer to work/school, thereby reducing commute time? Would you rather pay less and live further?

    Re: Would you pay more to live closer to work/school?

    no i would rather pay less and live further? because i can try and save by using other transportation like the bus.

    Re: Would you pay more to live closer to work/school?


    In my situation I would always opt for whatever's cheaper.

    Right now, I live at home rent free, so moving closer to school to avoid commuting is a no go!

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Would you pay more to live closer to work/school?

    Absolutely. I made that decision and while it sucks not having a lot of money to go out anymore I love that I'm 15 minutes away from my pjs, comfy couch, and snacks. I can walk to the train so I save money on gas and parking. I have peace of mind because I no longer live in a toxic family environment. And if I sleep in a few extra minutes I don't feel the impact in my paycheck because odds are i'll only be a few minutes late not 30+

    Re: Would you pay more to live closer to work/school?

    Only if it would simply be a redistribution of my money. As in the extra money on rent is equivalent to what I'm spending on gas to get to work.

    Re: Would you pay more to live closer to work/school?

    I live between a major city and the big(ish) city I grew up in. I work in the big city but my family and friends are back where I grew up, so it isn't too far of a drive to work or family. It's a good compromise and where I live isn't nearly as expensive as the city.

    I don't mind driving, it gives me a chance to listen to books, music or just to think. Especially if it's on the interstate or highway with little to no traffic!


    Re: Would you pay more to live closer to work/school?

    Hi, I think a lot of people would love to live closer to work, but the cost of living is usually the biggest factor. Many people cannot afford to live in Seattle because the cost is insane so the commute. I would try and not live in the city so I would commute to have a little more space and privacy.

    - W

    Re: Would you pay more to live closer to work/school?

    I would rather live farther, not just because of commute time- which can easily turn into an audiobook or podcast listening time to make it more interesting, but also because of safety. It's not as safe to live near my job and the prices are outrageous compared to owning on the outskirts of town.

    There is some value in living closer to work including a more local sphere of influence, supporting local shops, etc.

    I don't think the rent or owning prices are justified in the city. They are double or triple and that price increase would not be justified in savings on gas or a car.

    As for the math: a $1600 2B apartment rental in the city compared to a $650 mortgage plus $250 on a car. 650+250=$900, saving me $700 per month to live only 15 minute drive away! Add that to the safety aspect, and you'll be sure to find me in the suburbs.


    Re: Would you pay more to live closer to work/school?

    I have to say I probably would not pay more to live closer. I currently live about 5 miles from work, yet it is a 30+ minute commute. I also travel a lot for work, so some days my commute is 2 hours. It Is more realistic to live somewhere more central. Because of how crazy the traffic can get, it takes forever to get anywhere so unless it’s walking or biking distance it wouldn’t make that much of a difference. I use my time in the car to decompress, listen to my favorite music, and catch up on current events with NPR.

    I hate being stuck in the car, but I make the best of it!

    Re: Would you pay more to live closer to work/school?

    Hi Monica,

    I have moved for a job before to reduce the commute time, and it was not the best move on my part. I used to live 12 miles from my previous job, and while the distance may be short, Los Angeles traffic could sometimes cause me to spend 1+ hours to get there. I was living in an apartment at the time and my rent was dirt cheap, so I had some extra funds to afford a different apartment. I packed up and moved to an apartment that was only 3 miles from the job, but was now spending 60% more on rent. I lasted about a year and decided to relocate back to the original city I was in. It was cheaper, nicer, and much quieter.

    I have a different job now and am fortunate that I only have to drive a few blocks to get there. I am in the process of changing careers within the next year and could wind up having to commute again. I don't think I would move if that were the case. I thoroughly enjoy where I live and anywhere else in Los Angeles will be significantly more expensive. The commute is worth it because I could use that as "me" time, and enjoy some new music or podcasts to help pass the time.

    Thanks for the post!