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    Concious buyer

    created by bluebella 371 days 12 hours 7 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Concious buyer

    Are you a conscious consumer?

    If you are, how so? Do you use a water bottle rather than buying plastic disposable bottles?

    Do you shop at thrift stores more than the mall?

    Does it matter if your products have been tested on animals or if they were made through a fair trading community?

    I prefer to buy lotions and such at the Body Shop rather than Bath and Body Works because all of their products are made through ethical trade. This assures that my beauty products are made by people free of exploitation.

    How about you?


    Re: Concious buyer

    Hello Bella!

    I find myself being more conscious in the items I buy and use it to its full extent. To answer your sample question I have both, I buy a 24 disposable water bottle pack. That alone last me a bit more than a month since I reuse the bottle by filling it with water, using any local fountain, when I am out and about. This avoids me from getting one water bottle after another by the day, just so my recycle bin doesn't fill up by the end of the week.
    When I am traveling, I take a reusable bottle with me since I do not plan taking multiple bottles with me for the trip.

    I also find no problem shopping at thrift stores, its cheaper clothing and provides the same purpose like another mall here in Texas. And majority of the clothing in thrift stores are still up to date. If you thrift shop, you shop cheaper and smarter.

    I like to buy good products for my well-being, and i feel just as well buying products that are NOT tested on animals. Sometimes other products do not admit there testing subjects to be on their product, so I will admit I may have brought products that could've been tested on animals. Majority of the products I buy are small and practical, and affordable.

    i enjoyed answering the questions, it gave a lot of thought to my consumer strategy!


    Re: Concious buyer

    Great topic! I take pride in being a conscious shopper. I like to think about the footprint that the item makes, and how it got here. I live on an island so importing goods is not only pricey but uses a ton of non-renewable resources. Luckily we have a very crafty population and you can buy a lot of things made locally. 90% of my veggies are locally grown, 90% of my tea, all the honey, bread, and beef. If I can't get it local, I'm hesitant to use it. It's like eating seasonally. Some things you can't get local, like cooking oil and vinegar.

    I love thrift store shopping and 80% of my closet is second hand. My friends and I also take turns hosting clothing swaps, which is really fun. I would never buy anything that was tested on animals, and buying fair trade is always better.

    Buying organic is also important to me as a conscious buyer, because I don't like to support synthetic pesticides and insecticides and poisoning the earth and people with chemicals. I also think long and hard about who I am supporting when I spend money. I would never support Walmart because their ethics are terrible. I like to research brands and companies before I spend my money with them. I'm not very materialistic so I don't buy much, but if you think about it, how we spend our money is the only real power we have. I like to think of dollars as votes. Who do you vote for? Mom-and-pop shops or big horrible corporations?


    Re: Concious buyer


    To be honest I look at the price of everything now before I buy it. I don;t have much so what ever is cheap I get that. I usually make rounds and look to see which stores has the lowest prices for the items I like or want to buy.

    have a lovely evening!