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    ever had a real lockdown at school?

    created by 371 days 14 hours 32 minutes ago

    Category: World

    ever had a real lockdown at school?

    Today one of my classes had a special presentation about safety in the classroom in times of emergency, in our case we talked about active gun shooters.

    I realized that over the past few years schools have started to incorporate these presentations into their curriculum more, which I find to be definitely beneficial, because at least we have an idea of what to do in situations like these. I remember my high school even put what we learned to hands on practice by having fake lockdown situations, where the intercom would announce that the school was going into lockdown, and students and teachers in the classrooms would start locking up the doors, turning off the light, and huddling in a corner out of sight from the doorway.

    Last time my school had a lockdown was back in high school, but it was just a fake one. At the time I didn't know if it was fake though because we weren't told it was fake while it lasted to boost the realness of the whole situation.

    But anyway, have you guys had these types of lockdown practices? Ever been in a real one??

    Thanks guys! Have a good one!

    Re: ever had a real lockdown at school?

    I've never experienced a hard lock down. At the school I work at we've had a couple of soft lockdown (no one in or out of the building) but we have never had any real danger.

    Re: ever had a real lockdown at school?

    I have experienced a school that I’ve attended on lockdown on numerous occasions such as shootings on the school property, deaths occurred on school property and during the time when 9/11 hit I was in elementary school around that time when we couldn’t leave until our parents picked us up. I like the fact that your schools taught you all the safety precautions and etc for when things like that does happen on the other hand with me we did not get taught. Only thing we learned was what to do when there is a fire and participated in fire dril practices. I wish and hope that all schools now as of today are strictly learning both because in the feature it will stick to them when they get out of schoo.

    Re: ever had a real lockdown at school?

    Hi mini,

    I have never been in a real or practice lockdown. I guess that's a benefit of being older and graduating high school in '91 before this became necessary. Coincidentally, there were lockdowns at three schools about 15 minutes from my house after a shooting just yesterday. I haven't had one at my college either, but most of my classes have been online so I'm not sure if this is something they practice.

    Re: ever had a real lockdown at school?

    Hi mini!

    I've never been in an official school lockdown; I've only had practice ones. Fortunately I haven't had to experience being in a lockdown though; I can't imagine how scary it must be. I used to fool around a bunch in elementary school because it gave me an excuse to crawl under my desk and talk to my friends as if we were in some secret base. There aren't any lockdown practices at my university, but there is an alarm that goes off and I guess everyone is kind of expected to go to a safe spot that's closest to them.

    - Kyle

    Re: ever had a real lockdown at school?

    Hi Mini,

    I have never been in an official lockdown, but we came very close. This former police officer went rogue and was shooting people who I guess he had issues with in the past. (I believe most of those he shot were police officers or family of other officers). The fear for us was that he was an alumni of the high school and could potentially return to the area he grew up in. There was also a fear that some of the faculty might be on his hit list. For about a week, while the police were on a manhunt for this guy, the school warned everyone to be prepared to go into lockdown at any moment. Luckily he never came close enough to the high school for us to go into official lockdown and no one from my hometown got hurt. But the dude does show up under notable alumni on our Wikipedia page. LOL

    Hope you never have to be in a lockdown.