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    What phone do you have?

    created by ElisaCutiePie 483 days 7 hours 25 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What phone do you have?

    Hi everyone!!!
    Happy Monday!

    My question for today is what kind of phone do you have, and do you like it?

    My brother surprised me with a new Samsung S8 yesterday and I absolutely love it! I'm a huge fan of taking and posting pictures since Instagram and Snapchat are two of the biggest ways I communicate with my friends. I also can now post on collegenet through my phone so I love it!

    Much love,

    Re: What phone do you have?

    Howdy Elisa,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This phone was given to me by my best friend. It is the first "real" phone I have had, my old phone was an android, touch screen, but it also had a slider keyboard. I love this phone cause it is so much easier to do everything on my device. It isn't as slow as my old phone and I can use pretty much any app that I want too.

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: What phone do you have?

    Hey Elisa,

    Right now I have an LG G3 and I love this phone a lot. It does everything that I need it to do and it has been a trooper. I've had it for a little over 2 years now and it's finally just starting to show it's age. There aren't any cracks in it or anything, but the Sim card reader is finally starting to go out on it so it randomly stops sending messages and calls. I'm kinda waiting for the newest LG phones to come out because I have always been on the end of life when I've had to get phones. I would love the chance to have a brand new phone for once ha ha.

    Have a great day!

    Re: What phone do you have?

    Hi Elisa,

    I have the best phone ever . The Samsung Galaxy 5. I've had this phone for 2 years now and I really enjoy having this phone

    Re: What phone do you have?

    Hey Elisa!

    I have an Iphone SE, and I really like it. It's basically an Iphone 6, but the phone is actually the size of the Iphone 5, which I like a lot. I feel like the Iphone 6 is too large, but I also had an Iphone 5 for two years before I got the SE, so I was already used to the size. I'm sure once I get an Iphone 6 I'll get used to that one as well.

    I've always been an Apple person, their phones are simple and easy to use, and they haven't caused me many problems. I'm very happy with my phone.


    Re: What phone do you have?

    Hey Elisa,

    I have a Galaxy s5. I want to get a new phone because mine is pretty slow at times. When anyone is texting me, my phone basically freezes until the message comes through. So group chats are horrible on my phone. But it's held up for over 2 years. Maybe even almost 3? It's treated me well, but I can't wait to get a new one.

    Thanks for reading


    Whatever someone gives me!

    For the past two weeks, I've had an iPhone 6. It was given to me by my sister. I've been volunteering overseas for 3 years and so I haven't been on any phone plans. Whenever my iPhone breaks, which it never fails to do, I ask around in my family to see if anyone has an old one they aren't using.

    Although I love this phone (it's SO NEW compared to anything I've had so far), it pisses me off that a cell phone can only be expected to last a couple years. It seems Apple products are particularly bad in this regard, but I don't know for sure.

    I'd take any brand/model of phone I could get my hands on for a good price, but the better the camera, the better for me because I LOVE instagram.