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    Favorite weird food combinations?

    created by ElisaCutiePie 488 days 9 hours 59 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Favorite weird food combinations?

    Hi everyone! :)
    Happy Friday!

    My question for today is, do you have any favorite food combinations that may be deemed unusual or weird by others?

    I would love to know since I always like to try out new things!
    One of my food combinations that my friends have told me is weird is that I eat pancakes with ham and cheese. I just don't enjoy the taste of syrup and I've always enjoyed savory over sweet so it just makes sense to me. It's so good!

    I hope you all have a wonderful day.

    Much love,

    Re: Favorite weird food combinations?

    Yummm, that Sounds great to me. One weird combination that I stumble upon is eating apples with hot sauce. I have developed an allergy to Apples so I can only eat it with hot sauce. I don't know why it works but it works for me and I really enjoyed it. and it does not have to be spicy hot sauce either.

    Re: Favorite weird food combinations?

    Hey Elisa!

    I can't think of any weird food combinations that I eat, so I asked my boyfriend. He said that I put both butter and jam on toast. He said it should only be one or the other. I've always had my toast like that so I don't know if that is strange or how everyone else eats their toast as well.

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: Favorite weird food combinations?

    Ok, this may really take people aback. But, what about putting raisins on top of yogurt. Yep, just the thought of that makes my stomach twitch. That has to be the worst food combination! I mean, that would cause a stomach ache in the worst way. I would certainly wish that on my worst enemy, but not anyone else.


    Re: Favorite weird food combinations?

    My favorite appetizer is grape jelly mixed with brown mustard in a pot over the stove. Melt it together to make a sweet and sour type sauce. Then add chopped up hot dogs. It sounds disgusting, but it deeee-lish!

    Re: Favorite weird food combinations?

    Hello Elisa,

    Hmm, that doesn't sound bad! I do like me some syrup though, especially maple! I don't think it's very weird, but my family always puts applesauce on pancakes, which I guess is uncommon. Also whenever I eat cereal, I enjoy mixing as many types as available. I thought this was normal, but apparently not.

    Eddie: Sorry, but that combination sounds great! Guess I'll trying it next time I have yogurt!

    cpfeiffer_84: My mom made a similar dish with meatballs a week ago. It was great!



    Re: Favorite weird food combinations?


    Thanks for your response to my post! It sounds like you're really maximizing your time!!! I'm jealous that you're going to SoCal, I've never been to Cali :(

    I love Oreos and peanut butter together. I'm not sure if that counts as weird, but it's amazing! I also love using Eggo waffles as "bread" for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Delicious!

    The weirdest combo I know of is peanut butter mayonnaise sandwich. My brother eats those all the time and they make me want to barf. He swears they're good, so who knows!

    XOXO Karly