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    What are you willing to splurge on?

    created by moiraculous 487 days 16 hours 6 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What are you willing to splurge on?

    Hey all,

    Is there something that you're willing to spend a little extra money on? Is it because you care about it a lot or because you think it will pay off in the long run?

    My mom always told me to spend a little extra on coffee makers and can openers LOL. My top splurge items are probably books and shoes though and that's just because I love them. If there's something I really want to read, I have a hard time resisting. I'm also willing to pay a little more for shoes because I do a lot of walking and I really want them to last, be comfortable, and also look good!

    Happy Wednesday!
    - Moira

    Re: What are you willing to splurge on?

    Hi Moira!

    I think that it's often valuable to splurge on things that you use on a daily basis, since it will often save money in the long run, and it's nice to have quality when you're using it often. For example, I splurged on some Doc Marten boots that cost twice as much as some others, but they're high quality and will last for many years (while my shoes usually don't last super long and I end up spending more money than if I had just gotten the quality ones in the first place). Plus, they go well with my style and are extremely sturdy. I'm also willing to get the more expensive earbuds and clothes, since I use those every day and quality material is worth it in the end, even if it means I have to sacrifice buying something else or save up for a while.

    I also spend way too much on books. I have a stack of books about fifty large at this point, but I just keep buying new ones. I read pretty often, but I can only do so much with work and school. There are just too many interesting books out there! I really should stop, but I keep being unable to stop myself. I'm a book-buying junkie. Hopefully one day I can make it through my whole back catalog...

    All the best,

    Re: What are you willing to splurge on?


    I am willing to pay a little too much for my wedding because it's a once in a life time and want everything to be perfectly right and nothing missing.

    I also spend a lot on books because I know it will all be worth it at the end :)

    Have a great day!

    Re: What are you willing to splurge on?

    Hi Moira,

    I used to splurge on books all the time but with school and work, like Matt said, I don't have much time to read these days.

    I definitely splurge on skin care and jeans. I splurge on skin care because I only have one face, so I have to take care of it! Although I'd rather spend my money on other things, I'm willing to spend extra money to give extra care to my skin. As for jeans, I've just gone through so many cheap pairs of jeans that rip and get holes so easily, so I try to buy a little better quality now so I don't have to keep repurchasing new pairs.

    Good question!

    Re: What are you willing to splurge on?

    Hi moiraculous,

    I would spend extra money on cosmetic products, clothes, and food.
    1. Cosmetic product- I've always suffered from acne , dark circles, and uneven skin tone so I'll use the right product for my skin condition until I'm able to get cosmetic procedures.

    2. Clothes- I like having extra clothes to go to school and change up my style a bit.

    3. Food- I love to eat and food is necessary for survival and satisfaction.

    Thanks for reading!!!

    Re: What are you willing to splurge on?

    Great question!

    There are three things that I consistently splurge on:
    -The first and foremost is my loved ones. I am sooooo much happier when I can spend my money on people that I love and can show them how I appreciate them. Yes I know that you don't necessarily have to do this with gestures or gifts, but that is just something that makes me so happy :)

    -Next, I never skimp on jeans. As a 5'11 female it is extremely hard to find pants that fit, and this usually leads to me spending a pretty penny on getting nice, great quality jeans that actually fit my leg length. I don't mind spending money on these though because they last much longer than a cheap pair, and to actually have my ankles covered is a luxury I am willing to pay a little extra for hehe

    -Last, I have no qualms with spending more money on a decent pair of shoes. I have struggled with feet problems basically my whole life. For me it isn't an option to buy the super cheap shoes as (they usually don't come in my size 11 and I know they will tear up my feet).


    Re: What are you willing to splurge on?


    I like to splurge on clothes, some good tissue paper, boots, any skin care products and Honey Nut Cheerios.