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    Who do you resemble most in your family?

    created by ElisaCutiePie 491 days 4 hours 8 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Who do you resemble most in your family?

    Hi everyone!

    My question for today is, who do you resemble most in your family? And why?

    I know for sure that I resemble my brother most. I've heard this from multiple people. We both have the same long chin, same button nose and our smile is the same. We both are also tall (I'm 5 feet 7) while our parents are shorter than us (my mom is 5 feet 2, and my dad is 5 feet 3). I'm always told I don't look like my parents, and how it's strange that my brother and I are so tall but my parents are not.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day!

    Much love,

    Re: Who do you resemble most in your family?

    Hey ElisaCutiepie, I resemble mostly my mother everyone thinks that we are sisters because we look so much alike. our eyes, nose, hair, and tan look just alike. I look like my dad as well but not as much as my mother. Sometimes when we go to the doctors office the doctor comes and says is this your little sister to my mom and my mom says yes lol. I go along with it sometimes and we joke about it too.

    Have a great day!