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    Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2

    created by Blaze4days 494 days 8 hours 34 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2

    Hey everyone! Selina here,

    Here is another weekly dose of random facts!! This is the second week of it, if you're interested in other random facts posted from last week, just look on my posts!

    So, did you know there is a Flat Earth Society that has been around since at least 2006?

    Here is their site. Dr. Shaquille O'Neal and Rapper BOB both are apart of this society... What do you think of this?

    Let me know a random fact you want to share!

    Have a great day!


    Re: Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2

    Howdy Selina,

    Plants and Animals have little effect on the greenhouse effect. Pretty much all excess CO2 emissions come from Fossil Fuels and Deforestation.

    It baffles me people still believe in a flat earth. I guess people still haven't evolved much past what our ancestors believed.

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2

    Hey there!!!

    I did know that there is a Flat Earth Society, but what I didn't know is that Shaq and BOB were apart of it! I just can't really understand how they could think the Earth is flat by now when astronauts have seen Earth from space. But that is not my place, Shaq and BOB can think what they want. Nice fact!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Re: Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2


    My random facts to share is about the history of ketchup. In the 1830's ketchup was sold as medicine. Up until about 1800, it was thought by North Americans that tomatoes were poisonous. Back then, ketchup did not contain tomatoes. Instead various types of ketchup was made from berries, grapes, and mushrooms.

    In 1834, a medical paper claimed that tomatoes could help with digestive problems. Then a "doctor", who wasn't really a doctor produced a compound extract of tomatoes. Some believe it was in pill form, while others believe it may have been ketchup. It was later determined that ketchup as a medicine was a hoax.

    Today's ketchup is a bit different than ketchup back then because today's ketchup is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup.

    Re: Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2


    Here's a really cool random fact: despite rapid advances in modern science, we still have no definitive answer as to why we sleep and dream. This came as a surprise to me, as I assumed that modern science was sufficiently advanced to answer what seems like a basic question. The psychoanalytics of old proposed that dreams were our unconscious manifesting in ways that are psychologically safer than bringing to conscious awareness, although these theories have very little evidence to back them up. Some scientists have proposed that sleep helps us consolidate memories from the previous day, and that dreams are just how we interpret the random flashes of information being processed. Others propose that sleep plays a vital role in giving our brains some down time and clearing out "gunk", and that it represents a different form of consciousness. Others argue that sleep is just an extension of normal consciousness, and that dreams are merely reflections of waking life.

    We know that sleep plays a vital role in health, but we don't actually fully know why, even though we can identify several mechanisms. And dreams are even more confusing, as we aren't even sure what they are, nor what purpose they actually serve. Hopefully further inquiry will lead to more knowledge about it, but I always found it interesting that we don't understand something that serves such a large role in our everyday lives!

    Thanks for the interesting forum!

    All the best,

    Re: Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2


    My random fact is that battle tanks originally got their name from their shipping manifests. The British didn't want the Germans to figure out what they were shipping if the Germans ever got hold of the British shipping manifests. So in order to prevent that from happening, the British labeled the tanks as water tanks so that it would not look like they were shipping massive armored vehicles with artillery mounted on them.

    Re: Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2

    Hi Selina,

    Random facts about cats:
    Cats can be right or left pawed
    They don't usually meow to other cats, just humans
    Cat hearts beat twice as fast as human hearts
    Frightened cats can run up to 31mph

    Here is a list of more random facts about cats:

    Thanks for reading,

    ~ Song ~

    Re: Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2

    Hey Selina!S

    Re: Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2

    Please enjoy my accidental post above!

    I was trying to write about lobsters. They actually used to be considered food for the lower classes such as prisoners and homeless people. They were known as the "cockroach of the ocean" in the early 1900's. Now, they are considered a delicacy. Either way, I will never be able to try lobster because I'm allergic to shellfish!

    - Moira