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    Do you kill spiders/bugs?

    created by Brittany8900 493 days 4 hours 12 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you kill spiders/bugs?

    Hi all!

    Do you kill spiders and/or other bugs when they are in your house? Or do you ignore them or put them outside?

    I always try to put them in a cup and release them outside, but the other night, a daddy long legs walked on the wall right behind my head and like 20 minutes later another spider walked down my arm when I was laying in bed. I felt bad but I killed both because I was tired and in bed and I can't sleep knowing their is a spider in my room.

    What do you do in that situation?

    Re: Do you kill spiders/bugs?

    I kill spiders and other bugs when I notice them because I honestly can not deal with the sight of them. Depending on the bug I try to make sure it is not in movement before I move to either hit it with a shoe or to spray it. Now if the bug is bigger than my fingernail, I am throwing everything that I can reach in its direction.

    Re: Do you kill spiders/bugs?


    It depends on my mood and how gross the bug is. There are times where I have seen a tiny roach and let it be. If I happen to see a large roach, I will try and kill it. Large roaches freak me out and I can't stand the thought of one surprising me or landing on me. That is why I try my best to kill them when I see them.

    I am not sure if a gecko, or a small lizard is considered a bug, but I don't ever kill those. There are times where I would kill a spider, but only if it is not very big. If it was very big, I would find someone else to help me kill it. If there was no one else around, I would just try to avoid it as much as possible!

    Re: Do you kill spiders/bugs?


    There's no good way to sugar coat this, hell yes I kill spiders and bugs in my house. I will leave them be outside but if a spider ventures into my living space, it's on! I don't typically see any creepy crawlies in my house other than spiders. I sent one swimming down the bath tub drain yesterday. I hate when there's one on the ceiling and can't reach it and I'm afraid if I take my eyes off it, it will disappear and be crawling on me in my sleep. My son has asked me "shouldn't we catch it and set it free?" so I will let him attempt to catch and release but I have no part of that.

    Re: Do you kill spiders/bugs?

    Depends on the bug/spider. We have these big bugs that buzz around from time to time, so they've got to go! I always make my mom or sister kill them, because when you hit them with a shoe or something hard to kill them, they make a crunching noise, and it churns my stomach! We have tiny daddy long legs in our basement that are helpful in catching bugs and other nasty insects, but if they're pretty big and not daddy long legs, then they've got to go! Those ones are usually killed with a quick smash of a mop, or perhaps a squirt of poison to make sure they're dead. The squirt of poison also goes for those long hairy centipedes that crawl around the walls. I've seen one almost two inches long, so that one had to go!

    Re: Do you kill spiders/bugs?

    Hello Brittany,

    Yes, most of the time. If the bug is outside, leave it alone, but inside, it's an invasion of privacy. I guess it all depends on the bug. But I have no mercy for spiders in my home. Too many of the ones we get are poisonous, and I'm not going to risk getting bit. Besides, chances are they will just crawl back in once you free them. -shudders-

    Thanks for the topic.