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    Read Receipts

    created by courtcong 493 days 11 hours 16 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Read Receipts

    Do you have your read receipts on when you send text messages/emails? Why or why not?

    How do you feel if someone has their read receipts on and you see that they've read your message but haven't responded? Do you call them out and say something or just let it go?

    Personally I don't have my read receipts on because i'm easily distracted so i'll read a message and then do something else and completely forget about the message without even meaning to?

    What's your opinion?

    Re: Read Receipts

    Hey courtcong,

    I do have it on I think. Not positive though, it always shows up when someone reads my messages. If I check the message and it says they have read it and didn't respond. Then I just leave it as it is. I don't like to assume they didn't want to respond or didn't have time. I think like you said, people sometimes read a message and they get distracted and forget to reply. At the same time, if they chose not to reply then I don't have time to mope around and be sad about them not wanting to have a conversation with me.

    Nice topic, can't wait to see others response! Have a great day,


    Re: Read Receipts

    I agree with you courtcong. It seems to me that leaving read receipts on can be both helpful and hurtful. I too get distracted quite easily and forget to respond to messages. It's rarely a case of ignorance. Though I'm not typically offended by being "left on read", I understand how some would. All in all I find it easier and more convenient for everyone to keep the read receipts off.

    Re: Read Receipts


    I do have it on but it only works if someone has the same carrier as me and an Android phone. Because of this, there aren't too many people that this works with. Off the top of my head, I can only think of two people that this works with; my son and my boyfriend.

    If they read my text and didn't respond, then I do tend to get impatient when I don't receive a response. It makes me wonder why did they read my text and not respond, especially if I ask a question. My son is not very good at responding to his text messages so it usually says that the text was delivered and not read. When it does say "read" and I don't hear a response from him for a while, I will send a "?". When I do this, I pretty much will receive a response.

    Re: Read Receipts

    Hi courtcong!

    I don't have an iphone so I don't have read receipts for my text messages, but I do have read receipts on the messenger app (Created by facebook). I honestly get really sad when I see someone read my message and they haven't responded. It makes me nervous especially when I send a risky message. WIth risky messages I usually close the messenger app and just turn my phone off and wait for a while before checking my phone again because the anticipation kills me! I never call them out and let it go though because I understand that a lot of people get easily distracted (like you) and that's usually the reason why people don't respond to my messages. I mean to be honest I'm sure I've done the same thing a few times too!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Much love,

    Re: Read Receipts


    I don't think I have my read receipts on for the same reason. For example, sometimes at work I will try to check my phone but then I will have to go do something and won't be able to actually respond to texts. So I don't want people to think I am just ignoring them. Also, I have an old phone that's getting slower and slower and sometimes it takes FOREVER to open up a text and respond. Especially if someone is texting me while I am trying to use my phone, it makes everything freeze until the text comes through. So group chats are kind of horrible for me and I usually just wait until everyone is done talking to go through and read the convo and respond lol. I have a Galaxy s5 so it's time for a new phone!

    Good question!

    Re: Read Receipts

    Hey there!

    This is my second time writing this because the site crashed right when I tried to submit ):

    BUT, if you didn't know, you can turn read receipts on for certain people! It's AMAZING.

    I only have mine on for my sister and my boyfriend. It's just easier to have them know when I've gotten a message from them or not and vice versa. I don't have them on for other people because I often read something and don't respond right away, and I don't want to hurt other's feelings because of my procrastination! If my sister or boyfriend don't respond to me within a reasonable amount of time and I want a reply I usually just pester them with question marks. I can't think of a specific time they have hurt my feelings by not responding, but I do remember having my feelings hurt in the past if someone I was interested in romantically or for a friendship didn't respond to me after reading a message. I really hate being ignored. I would seriously rather have someone straight out tell me that they do not like me rather than my messages just never getting a reply.

    Thanks for asking!
    - Moira

    Re: Read Receipts

    I use WhatsApp which uses that function to tell you whether or not your message has been read. I honestly don't care too much if my friend sees my text and don't reply lol, because most of the time I'm just spamming them for the fun of it and don't really expect a reply back. But on urgent matters though if my text is seen and ignored I guess I would feel a bit bothered. But I got to agree that I sometimes get distracted when reading texts too, like I see a message notification, glance at it out of curiosity, and then get distracted by something else and don't remember replying until way later lol. I can't help but be guilty of that sometimes whoops. That's why I try not to get mad when people do the same to me, because who am I to talk really XD