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    Bugs in food

    created by Erinelizabeth 455 days 21 hours 33 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Bugs in food

    Happy hump day everyone!

    Would you eat/drink something knowing there was a bug in it?

    I was out to dinner with my coworker yesterday. We were sitting outside and she noticed a gnat in her drink. We couldn't find a waitress so I offered to trade drinks. She was happy to pass of her drink to me and I drank it, not minding the gnat.

    On another occasion- the same coworker mind you- found a small dead bug in her prepackaged Trader Joes' salad. Instead of picking out the bug and eating the rest of the salad like I would do, she threw the entire thing away. I think I just love food too much to waste it on a tiny bug!

    Looking forward to your responses!

    Re: Bugs in food


    I guess it depends on what kind of bug it is. I would have done the same, just pick the gnat out of the drink and move on. But, with food I am iffy about bugs. If a fly for example flew into my food and got stuck, I would just pick it out and keep eating my meal. If a bug was in a prepackaged food, then I wouldn't eat it because then that's telling me the packaging center is not sanitary.

    I used to work in a restaurant and gnats always flew into drinks, because well they are full of sugar! So I used to pick them out with straws. Never had a problem with that.

    Re: Bugs in food

    Personally bugs don't bother me too much, if I can get him to "swish" out of the drink I'll have no problem with it, EXCEPT if it's a fly, flies on food follow the 5 second rule. No exceptions.
    A fun story about bugs in food though: My dad was making a corn on the cob for dinner, he had been told to cook it with the husk still on, so after it finished he took it out to test that it was done and peeled back a layer of the corn husk and that's when I hear from the kitchen, "Anybody know what all these black specs are?!" And well, you can guess what it was! We decided, no corn for that night.


    Re: Bugs in food

    Oh my I think I'd pass on the food too unless it was a fy that landed for a second and I swatted away. Ahhhh!

    Have a great day!