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    Online dating: Good or bad?

    created by moiraculous 455 days 23 hours 42 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Online dating: Good or bad?

    There are so many dating sites and apps out there such as Tinder, OkCupid, Match, eHarmony, etc. I have met people that have started serious relationships from dating sites/apps but I still feel like they get a bad rap. Why is this?

    What are your opinions on online dating? Is it a useful tool for the future or a passing fad?

    Also, if anyone has any fun online dating stories please share, I would love to hear them!

    - Moira

    Re: Online dating: Good or bad?


    I think that some people have success in online dating, however, it may just be a fad that will pass with time.


    Re: Online dating: Good or bad?

    Hi Moiraculous!

    I think online dating is a great way for busy people to meet and date. Unfortunately, I think dating sites get a bad rep because 1. Many people use them as a way to hook up rather than date 2. There are many stories about people not looking as they portray on their profile and 3. The common misconception that people that join these sites can't find dates in "real life"

    That being said, I have never used one of these sites to date. I actually met my boyfriend from a craigslist ad(another story for another time :p) If my boyfriend and I ever did break up I definitely would sign up for a dating site. I'm past the age of meeting people in bars

    Re: Online dating: Good or bad?

    Hello Moira!

    I think that online dating does have it's uses. Personally, I don't think it's a passing fad. People have so much less free time nowadays, and, with how much of our lives are spent on the internet, it is a great place to meet people. I think a lot of dating sates get a bad rap for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons are valid, but it doesn't detract from the uses online dating has. Everything has its upsides and downsides. A lot of people just focus on the downsides of it without really looking at its value.


    Re: Online dating: Good or bad?

    Hello Moira!

    I honestly wouldn't online date. I've had friends who have had really scary situations from online dating such as stalkers. I feel like its an option for those who just feel like they can't meet people in person, but honestly, I feel like its just a scapegoat. My mom met her ex-husband online and he turned out to be a total A** and took all of her money in the divorce. Because of the bad rep I've heard personally, I wouldn't do it or recommend it to anyone!

    Re: Online dating: Good or bad?

    hi hi!

    Online people or real life people, they are still people. We can't blame online for meeting crappy people, as if internet makes them some kind of sucky humans. Its all about who you attract. So if you tend to attract losers, you will do so online or in real life. There was a woman who shared her story of online dating, and she went on 115 different dates before she met the one man she married. The truth is- we'll meet lots of crap before we come across our match, and it will happen online, at a bar, at a BBQ gathering, a park, yoga class... whatever. We can't run away from who we are and who we attract, so lets not blame online :)

    Talk later!

    Re: Online dating: Good or bad?

    Considering the responses people have made, i'm slightly embarrassed to say I am a tinder user. And I actually met the guy I'm dating on it

    Before you throw me into a category of people that can't get a date in real life, that it's a copout, and all the other yadadadad let me just say something. I had just moved to Columbus and didn't know anyone, and whats the acceptable way to meet people nowadays? At a bar? A club? Work? Gym? All I'm saying is it's seriously limited, especially if you don't know anyone. So i decided to use tinder. My profile simply said that "I just moved to Columbus, and am looking for a friend to show me around the city and to some cool places". I got responses and obviously all the "dtf" and all those got ignored, but some people seriously were just cool to talk to and had some awesome ideas of places I should see. This one guy messaged me and after talking for like 2 weeks or so on tinder, we exchanged numbers. Before i even did that though I asked him for his last name and was straight up and said "Not looking to get killed or stalked or anything", so we exchanged facebooks/instagrams and whatnot and then i seriously vetted this guy and stalked him on all social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin) before even contemplating meeting up with him. He turned out to be a soccer coach for 8 and 11 year olds and had just recently graduated from college. We ended up at bars near each other when we were both out with friends and decided to all meet up and hang out as a group (cause i'd never met anyone on tinder and was skeptical). But basically it ended up going pretty great and we've continued seeing each other

    So in my opinion, yes bad situations can arise if you're not careful and don't take necessary precautions. But don't shoot it down without giving it a chance

    Re: Online dating: Good or bad?

    Hi y'all,

    When it first started, online dating seemed to be okay. Now it's the easiest way to invite trouble into one's life

    Re: Online dating: Good or bad?

    Hi miraculous,

    I've always wanted to try online dating but I'm afraid because there are a lot of people who claim to be one thing but they're in but they're totally the opposite. There are a lot of dangerous people creepers and predators on online sites which is why I made the decision to do it the old-fashioned way in date in person. For someone who wants to date online, I would advise them to be very careful because you don't know who your talking to behind the screen.

    Thanks for asking and have a nice day:)