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    Guilty pleasure food

    created by mistervancleef 459 days 22 hours 26 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Guilty pleasure food

    What is your guilty pleasure food?

    Something that you know is really bad for you but you but sometimes it is just fun to eat bad food!

    I would say that mine would be bacon. I love bacon anything! I try to eat a little healthier by eating turkey bacon, but come on it can't be that good for you!

    I look forward to hearing from everyone!!

    Have a great day!!

    Re: Guilty pleasure food

    Good afternoon,

    I am a bacon lover also, we cook 2 packs every weekend. 1 pack on Sat and 1 pack on Sun. I tried turkey bacon once just to see how it tasted and no thank u. lol I'll stick to my real bacon. We put it in a lot of meals...bacon cheeseburgers, sprinkle in mac & cheese, potato soup, hamburger helper meals and then just for breaksfast.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Guilty pleasure food

    A cold can of coke is simply irresistible, though I know it's not generally good for my health

    Re: Guilty pleasure food

    My guilty pleasure food is donuts!!!

    I don't even have one particular food. I love so many of them. Glazed, cinnamon, chocolate on chocolate, chocolate on white, chocolate glazed, sprinkled donuts, powered, chocolate frosted..


    Re: Guilty pleasure food


    My guilty pleasure is potato chips. They are so bad for you, but once I start eating them, I can't stop! I love a classic potato chip, but my favorite is the cheddar and sour cream Ruffles. My mouth is watering just thinking about them! Have you ever put potato chips on a sandwich? SO GOOD! They go great on subs. And they add a yummy crunch!

    XOXO Karly

    Re: Guilty pleasure food

    Hey MrVC!

    My guilty pleasure food are those little cheese wedges with the red cow on them. I forgot the name but I could eat a bunch of those before I stop. They're just so creamy and yummy.

    - Kyle

    Re: Guilty pleasure food

    Hey mistervancleef!

    I would have to agree with you on the bacon. I could eat bacon with damn near anything. Bacon wrapped everything is awesome, too! Now that I think about it, I could go for some bacon wrapped scallops tonight...


    Re: Guilty pleasure food

    I love Cheesecake and I could probably eat it all day if I didn't care about my health! It's so good, especially when it's strawberry flavored!
    Have a good evening!
    ~Mary Kate

    Re: Guilty pleasure food

    Trader Joe's macaroons, especially the pistachio ones! They definitely hit the spot!

    Re: Guilty pleasure food

    So many guilty pleasure foods. This summer I have been having way too many guilty pleasures, time to get back to eating healthy and going to the gym.

    But when I do indulge... it usually involves some sort of pasta.I love tortellini, stuffed with some type of meat and cheese! Delish. My guilty pleasure dessert usually involves ice cream or donuts.

    It's hard when you eat guilty pleasures because then your body just wants more!

    Re: Guilty pleasure food

    My go to guilty pleasure is definitely a burger. Yummmmm. If I could eat a burger everyday of my life wow oh wow would I be a happy lady. Sadly I have to have some sort of self control and will only spring for a burger on special occasions. I think today may be one of those special occasions :P

    Re: Guilty pleasure food

    Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate. I love to eat candies like York's and Hershey Bars and I know I shouldn't eat as much candy as I do but I have a sweet tooth and I can't help it.