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    Laundry time...Do you fold right away??

    created by MotivatedOne 459 days 23 hours 46 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Laundry time...Do you fold right away??


    Hi all it's laundry time. Do you dread this daunting task? Once you get it done, how soon do you put away your laundry? Is it immediately, a few days later or do you find yourself living out of the laundry basket of clean clothes?

    Re: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??

    Howdy MotivatedOne,

    I find myself living out of laundry baskets. I have two laundry baskets, one for clean clothes and one for dirty clothes. I don't generally have the patience to just fold and put away my clothes. I got better things to do.

    A few days ago it was fantastic cause I had a friend over who saw all my clean clothes in a basket. It was amazing cause she folded all my clothes for me. So I would be more than happy to have someone fold my clothes for me, but I don't like doing them myself.

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??

    Hi MotivatedOne,

    I usually get my laundry folded and put it away a few days later. Sometimes I'm motivated enough to do it immediately. My room is very small, so I have to keep things somewhat organized or my room looks like Hurricane Sandy ripped through it! Fortunately, I haven't gotten to that point for the last few months!

    Thanks for reading,

    ~ Song ~

    Re: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??

    Hey there!

    Let me first start off by saying laundry is the WORST! I hate doing laundry more than any other chore/cleaning activity. I don't know why i dislike it so much though. It's not like its difficult or really all the time consuming, but i do. I can't stand it.

    Now whether it gets put away immediately or not really just depends on how busy/lazy i'm feeling at that exact time. It also depends on whether clothes need to be folded or put on hangers to go in the closet. Usually I put the clothes that need folding away immediately. I don't mind folding at all. It's the putting shirts/dresses on hangers that always gets me. Usually I pile all of these on my desk chair and it stays there for a few days. haha which is backwards because the clothes hanging up usually are nicer/wrinkle easier than things like pants that are folded.

    Who knows man, I'm a strange cookie


    Re: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??


    Thanks for the forum.

    Laundry is the devil, and I have to fold it and put it away immediately or I will be sad for days watching it pile up. Basically if it doesn't get done right away, it will never get done.

    I've had laundry pile up so much before that I asked my boyfriend to come over and help me put it away even though we don't live together. I'm pretty sure he puts it away slowly and incorrectly so I'll never ask him again. I enjoyed watching it though =)


    Re: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??

    Hey Motivated,

    Now that I have a washer and dryer in my own place, I don’t hate doing laundry as much. I can just throw a load in while I’m cooking dinner or watching a movie and it’s pretty easy peasy. However, putting away the laundry is a whole different story. If I don’t do it immediately (which usually ends up being the case) then all hope is lost. I’ll absentmindedly throw dirty clothes in the laundry basket, clothes will get wrinkled, my cats will sleep in there and before you know it I have to rewash the clothes I just washed. It’s a hot mess, I guess kind of like my life.


    Re: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??


    I always end up leaving my clothes in the dryer or back in my hamper (which is my laundry basket). They always get all wrinkly and I tell myself to fold them right after but I never do.

    I don't even mind folding clothes that much because you can listen to music or watch TV while doing it but for some reason I still put it off until I need something in the pile of clothes.


    Re: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??

    I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to laundry. I'll take my clean clothes out of the dryer and put them in a laundry basket with the intention of folding them right away. But then time gets away from me and I forget for a day or two.
    Have a great day!
    ~Mary Kate

    Re: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??

    Hello MotivateOne,

    Over a two-week span I tend to do a couple loads of laundry to maintain. Usually I usually do a few large loads every other week and try to fold them right away, sometimes carrying over to the next day, time permitting. I'm adaptable, so sometimes clean clothes out of the laundry basket is the trend of the week.

    Re: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??

    It's a mix of all three choices! I sometimes immediately put the laundry away, and sometimes I'm a bit lazy and leave it there for a day or two, and sometimes it'll just sit at the end of my bed on the floor in the laundry basket and pluck out something if I need it. My mom gets really irritated when I do that, so I'm now starting to put it away immediately to avoid a lecture and to tidy up my room a bit! When it comes to doing laundry itself, I actually enjoy doing it, especially when the reward is taking the laundry right out of the dryer when it's done, and they all smell so fresh and clean, plus they're so warm and cozy that I could just jump in that basket and have a little nap (if I were cat-sized, that is!).

    Fun forum!

    Re: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??

    Well, as of lately, I have been living out of laundry baskets! But that is because I am moving and don't feel like folding my clothes.

    But usually, I do with within a few hours... I try to at least! :D