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    Can you feel the love tonight?

    created by TheCrimsonActuary 576 days 6 hours 26 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Can you feel the love tonight?

    Howdy folks, I don't know about any of you but I am glad the weekend has finally arrived.

    This weekend is my fiance's birthday. As a gift, I got us tickets to go see The Lion King downtown at our Civic Center which is performed by the Broadway production that travels the United States. I know she loves Broadway musicals and The Lion King is one of her favorite Disney movies. Neither one of us has seen the Broadway production, so it should be a treat!

    Have you been to any Broadway productions? Was it in NYC or was it one of these traveling production teams? Which musical was it? Did you love it?

    The only other Broadway production I have seen is Wicked, which I enjoy quite a bit. I am hoping I can score some Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets next year when they come to NYC!

    Re: Can you feel the love tonight?

    Hi TheCrimsonActuary,

    Yes! I've seen Phantom of the Opera (once with a friend, another time with my parents), Mary Poppins, The Screwtape Letters, How To Succeed In Business Without Even Trying, and An American in Paris. Screwtape was off-Broadway, but the rest were on Broadway--all in NYC. My favorite by far was An American in Paris--beautiful costumes and sets, lovely music, and an excellent show! So jealous, btw--I've tried for the Wicked lottery in NYC a couple times but never was able to get tickets and would love to see it! Maybe someday..


    Re: Can you feel the love tonight?

    Hey TCA!

    I've actually never seen a broadway show in my life, but I really do want to go to one! I want to go see The Lion King if it ever comes into town, because I don't know when's the next time I'd be able to visit New York.

    - Kyle