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    Ghosted on someone

    created by Love0390 4 days 4 hours 3 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Ghosted on someone

    Hey everyone

    So every morning I listen to Hot 97 and they have this segment called curved which basically is when two people went on a date and the one person thought everything went well but when that person tried to contact the other person they never would respond to any calls/ text/ emails etc. And on the show they get a hold of the person to let the other person know the reason they stopped responding to their messages, and some of the reasons were either the person was to clingy they stunk or they just talked to much etc, and that is why the girl or guy curved the other person.

    So have you been on a date and just stopped talking to that person completely basically went ghost on them, did you think the date went bad or did you have a great time but their was just one thing that just turned you off completely and that's why you never contacted the person before?

    Have a great weekend everyone :-)

    Re: Ghosted on someone


    Yea, this has happened to me a lot of times. I would go on date and expect the person to act a certain way and it's completely opposite. A few wwre doctors so you would think that they are intelligent and know how to treat a lady lol well that wasn't the case. It was so awkward and I never spoke to those people again. Even when they called I wouldn't answer.

    Good question

    Re: Ghosted on someone

    Hey girl!

    One of the radio stations I listen to has a similar segment. Some people do some bizarre stuff lol.

    I once ghosted this guy because he started following me places. One time I was at a concert and I told him I was there, and then he showed up to the concert! He also followed me to a beach and to a park. I quickly learned to stop telling him where I was. But I have also been ghosted and it's not a good feeling so I feel kind of bad. I think people deserve an explanation because maybe they have a bad habit that needs to stop in order for them to be more successful romantically in the future.

    Thanks for the fun forum!

    XOXO Karly

    Re: Ghosted on someone


    We have that same bit on a radio station in Hawaii. It's called "Second Date Update". This makes me wonder how many other states have something similar.

    This type of thing never happened to me before and I have not done it to someone else either. I wonder, if it did happen to me and if I was the person that it happened to, I wonder what I would do. I don't think I would call a radio station and find out! I think maybe since I just met this person, it would be easier for me to just take the hint and let it go.

    My boyfriend works in radio and he told me that most of the time these bits are scripted and actors are hired. I have wondered how they got people everyday to be on the show. Another thing that I wonder is how they get people to answer their phones so early in the morning! I know that if I was getting a call at 6:30 in the morning by a number I don't recognize, I wouldn't answer it.

    Re: Ghosted on someone

    hi hi!

    In Chicago we have the same show scenario and it's called "Waiting by the phone."
    I have never ghosted anyone and I won't. It's just the type of person I'm. I will let them know that I'm not interested anymore. However I had one date, where I was the one who got ghosted. After the date I sent a follow up text messages within an hour or so, and said that I I would like to meet again. Never heard back, and I never texted again.
    I don't know why people go so cray and make a fool out of themselves when someone does not call or text back. HELLO it's an obvious goodbye. So embarrassing to go as far as radio show and try reaching that person.

    "Let it go, let it gooo, turn away and slam the door..."

    Talk later!

    Re: Ghosted on someone

    Fun forum Love0390. I have never personally ghosted anyone but I have heard some interesting stories on how friends have disappeared after one date. I think it is best to be upfront. But I can understand why some might avoid being honest with the person. Maybe they don't want to hurt the person's feelings. Maybe they find the person creepy or some other reason.

    Take care!