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    EGGSpository writing - How Do You Make Your Eggs?

    created by MotivatedOne 4 days 4 hours 49 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    EGGSpository writing - How Do You Make Your Eggs?

    Happy Friday, Happy people. I know there's so many ways to make eggs. Can you help me with your way?

    Explain in FULL details how you make your eggs?

    Re: EGGSpository writing - How Do You Make Your Eggs?

    To start I cut up tomatoes, and onions and place it on hot oil, then cut some garlic and ginger. Later if m not making a vegetarian egg, I put light salt, italian seasoning and pepper on my meat ( usually corned beef, with shrimp).
    I let that simmer then prepare the eggs by breaking and mixing them into a bowl which I add salt, thyme/oregano, black pepper. Pour in any other vegetables/ sauces I might want to add. Lastly pour in the egg and let it cook, flip or stir. All process is done on medium heat.

    Re: EGGSpository writing - How Do You Make Your Eggs?

    Hey Girl,

    I like my eggs scrambled...Here are my directions....

    Step 1: Wash your hands
    Step 2: Grab 2 Eggs, Pepper, Salt, 1 Onion, 1 pepper, Broccoli, Kale, Turkey Sausage (I usually buy jimmy dean turkey sausage crumbles)
    Step 3: Fine chop your onion, pepper, broccoli, and kale
    Step 4: Grab a mixing bowl
    Step 5: Crack 2 eggs, and mix really well. Add a dash of salt and pepper and set aside
    Step 6: Get your pan ready with some grape seed oil or oil of your choice, heat that baby up!
    Step 7: Toss fine chopped ingredients and turkey sausage crumbles into the heated pan, sauté that baby up for 2-3 min!
    Step 8: Add the egg mixture into the pan and scramble that baby until done. If you want top with a cheese of your choice
    Step 9: Bon a petite, the finished product. You have your self some fine scrambled eggs!! Yummy in the tummy!! A peace of heaven in your mouth, ENJOY!!

    Re: EGGSpository writing - How Do You Make Your Eggs?

    Hey Motivatedone!

    I like my eggs simple so here are a few ways I make it.

    BOILED EGGS: I put my eggs in a small pot and put it on the stove after it starts boiling, I hold the time for 5-6 mins and then turn off my stove. I don't like hard boiled eggs. I like them a little soft in the center which tastes great. Then I get some salt and sprinkle it on it as I start eating it. It's great when you have a are throat. it eases the pain.

    PLAIN SCRAMBLED EGGS: I just crack a few eggs into a bowl and scramble it very well. Then I add some salt to it and then get the pan and put in some oil in the pan. not so much though and then pour in my eggs. you can keep on scrambling it while Its in the pan or just leave it the pancake style until its cooked from one side and then flip it to the other side. (if you want to make this a sandwich get two slices of bread and cut tomato from the center and put it on top of your egg and add some Spanish cheese to it. makes a delicious sandwich)

    SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH TOMATO PASTE: So I love to make these kind of scrambled eggs in the afternoon. Again I put my eggs in a small bowl and scramble it then I add my tomato paste not so much just a less than half of table spoon. according to how many eggs you want to make you just add more to it. don't put to much in it. then add some salt and scramble it. then get your pan ready and add some oil then start pouring it in the pan. again you can keep on scrambling it in the pan or make it pancake style.

    Egg with the eye(yolk) in the center :) : Just prepare your pan and add oil to it and crack your eggs and put it in until you know it's all cooked and then take it out. put some salt on top of it and I like to add some red pepper to it because I like spicy :)

    Hope this all helps you make a nice meal.

    Enjoy :)
    Have a nice day!
    ~ NjBr

    Re: EGGSpository writing - How Do You Make Your Eggs?

    I make my eggs scrambled.

    Re: EGGSpository writing - How Do You Make Your Eggs?


    I like two boiled eggs sprinkled with salt and pepper or adobo :-D

    Have a good one

    Re: EGGSpository writing - How Do You Make Your Eggs?


    I make my eggs two kinds of ways: Scrambled and boiled

    For Scrambled: If I'm making scrambled eggs for myself, I usually use two or three eggs, depending on how hungry I am, but I'll use more (about two per person) if I am cooking for others. I crack the eggs into a bowl (making sure to keep the bits of shell out), add in a splash of milk (about a third of a cup), add in a pinch of salt and pepper, and then pour the mixture it into a greased pan (I use Pam cooking spray) on medium heat. When the eggs start to cook, I get a spatula and start to break it up (once I see that the edges of the scrambled eggs are starting to brown and turn into a solid rather than a liquid). I then start stirring it around and do so until all of the liquid is gone and there's nothing left but fluffy scrambled eggs left, usually when the eggs are yellowish-white in color, though some people like them a little browned.

    Boiled Eggs: I take a big pot and fill it about three-fourths of the way with water, then set it on the stove. I put the heat on high, and then I take as many eggs as I want and carefully put them into the pot (I just carefully lower the eggs in so they don't clunk on the bottom and crack). When the water starts to boil, it usually takes about ten minutes for the eggs to finish up, but I let them boil for about twelve just to make sure they're well boiled, but you can take them out if you see that an egg or two has a split in it from the cooking process (and make sure it's from the cooking process!) before you turn off the heat. I then take the pot and run the eggs under cold water, usually splashing some cold water on the pot as well to help cool it down (this helps the eggs to stop cooking and for them to cool down faster). When the eggs have cooled off, I put them into a plastic bag, making sure that there is little water as possible on them, and then put them in the fridge to enjoy when I want them.


    Re: EGGSpository writing - How Do You Make Your Eggs?

    Good morning all. It's a great day to be alive.

    Thank you for all of the egg preparation possibilities. You all are some fancy egg chefs .

    Mine was too simple to post so ...yeah. lol. I think I'm going to sit with @Eddie Hyatt and @Love0390 and have boring eggs. Nice and simple. Thanks again