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    Worst injury You've Ever had?

    created by Az_college 4 days 20 hours 28 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Worst injury You've Ever had?

    What is the worst injury you've ever sustained?
    I feel like I still haven't been initiated into the human culture because I've never even sprained an ankle.
    One time I turned my head too sharply and got a severe crick in it. For 2 days, I could only look left and if I tried to turn right, I would be in a lot of pain.

    Re: Worst injury You've Ever had?

    Hi Az_college,

    I cut my left index finger in college and had to get 7 stitches. It took a few weeks to heal, and then I took my own stitches out (with a family member who was a nurse close by). Recently, I cut the same finger again, but a pressure bandage and butterfly bandages did the trick.


    Re: Worst injury You've Ever had?

    Hello Az,

    My worst injury was a collapsed lung it actually took them 3 months to figure out what to do.


    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Worst injury You've Ever had?

    Hey Az,

    The worst injury I ever had was when I was playing soccer. Being a mid fielder I had to run a lot so my focus was never on the ground, but was on where the ball was. We were on our awful practice field which had giant holes and was missing grass everywhere. I was running full speed for a ball when I stepped down into one of the larger holes. It pushed my leg up weird and messed my hip up. I had to wrap my hip for a long time after that to try and get my muscles and joints to relax. I actually still have problems with it now and then, especially when it's cold out because it gets really achy.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Worst injury You've Ever had?

    Hi :)
    I got hit in the face with a baseball.

    Should I just leave it at that?

    I was 16 and playing baseball for the 9th year in a row. I knew what I was doing, only not at all. I thought it was a curveball, I saw the spin but read it wrong. I waited for it to drop and it didn't. It smacked me right in the eye socket of my left eye.

    I hit the ground and stayed there for a minute or two. When I got to the hospital they said that I had broken my eye socket and cheek bone! So basically I broke my face haha! It hurt like the dickens but its a good story now!


    Re: Worst injury You've Ever had?

    Hi Az_college!

    I am also the same as you as I've never even sprained an ankle either! I think the worst injury I've ever had was when my hips really hurt, and it even hurt to sit down. This injury happened twice and I never really was able to figure out what caused the pain. But the pain did coincidentally occur after I played Just Dance, so I think playing that somehow caused that hip injury. The hip pain went away after a couple of days though, and that's honestly the most pain I've ever had to endure.

    Much love,