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    I know I should study....

    created by EmmaJoy98 4 days 21 hours 1 minute ago

    Category: Education

    I know I should study....

    Hello friends!

    Do you ever get that feeling that you know you need to study, but you want to do something else more? I'm not talking about going out with friends or seeing a movie instead of studying in as a way of procrastinating, but rather you have a test coming up and you need to study for it but you'd much rather take the time to write, or paint, or something else that you enjoy.

    I'm in that situation right now. I have two midterms coming up and a busy weekend so today is the day to get the bulk of my studying done, but I can't motivate myself to do it. I'm much more in the mood to write in my journal for the next three hours and talk about random things then put my energy to what I need to be doing.

    Do you ever find yourself in this situation? What do you do to get out of it?


    Re: I know I should study....

    I find myself in this situation a lot more then I should I feel like. Though eventually I make myself get up and get to it. The days that I usually put off studying lead to all nighters or my bed time being 4 am that night

    - Reema

    Re: I know I should study....

    Yes! I totally know what you mean, often times when I have a large task ahead of me I just want to sit back and relax. Sometimes I don't even do it until the last moment. But what I've done to try to at least push myself to work on it little by little is to think about the big picture. When I think about homework or just work in generally, I think about what it's for and what happens when I don't do it. It makes me feel a lot more guilty about how I should go about working.

    Good luck!


    Re: I know I should study....

    Yes actually! If I'm not too exhausted by the end of the day from school, I often spend that time wistfully thinking what would happen if I practiced my instrument more, or if I were able to actually draw the ideas from my head onto paper. I really enjoy painting and I'm in AP art in school, but more often than not I find myself forcing myself to draw what the teacher wants us to work on. There's barely ever time just for me.

    It feels stifling. There's always the next assignment to do, there's always something to study for, there's always something that you have to research. Any wasted time compounds on the fact that I have so many things to do. There's virtually no time left to pursue other fields of interest.

    In some ways, it is really disappointing. You're torn between studying to make your future self potentially happier, but your present self is suffering.

    Thanks for the forum EmmaJoy, and I hope you have more time to pursue what you want!

    Re: I know I should study....

    Hi Emma,

    Yes, all the time. I usually do something that's fun but gets my mind working, like doing a lesson on DuoLingo or listening to music in Spanish (I'm trying to teach myself) and then eventually force myself to start working. It usually takes me awhile to get totally focused and to work, but once I'm in the zone I'm usually pretty productive. Sometimes I take a walk/do a little exercise, take a short nap, eat something or drink water too.


    Re: I know I should study....

    Hey Emma,

    I have that problem a lot, and now that its summer time I've been dealing with it a lot more. I didn't really get much of a break between classes this year so I'm having a hard time staying motivated. I keep telling myself that if I get my work done I'll have time to go do the things I want to, but it's hard. I think what's worse is that it's only day 4 of class and I'm already ready for my next break. It sucks not being able to have the summer off, but I'm determined to finish school. I'm trying to figure out ways to keep myself motivated throughout the day without wanting that many breaks, but it's really hard ha ha.

    Have a great day!

    Re: I know I should study....

    Hey Emma!

    I've come across that situation so many times and it's definitely costed me. I always tell myself I'll have enough time to study as I do other things, and when it comes down to it,. I never feel like I have enough time.

    How do I get out of it? I'm not exactly too sure. I haven't really found the solution yet. But it you have, I'd love to know!

    - Kyle

    Re: I know I should study....

    Yes!! This happen to me all the time. Whenever when I get one of these mood, I just go with what I want to do most at that time. You have to know it. Sometime it just you being lazy and not wanting to study but other time you get a strong sensation to just do that means something to you or bring you peace of mind. When I get the urge to do something like that I just go ahead and do it. I know it can seem reckless and irresponsible but I believe we all need a little break and a time to breath and relax and reconnect with ourselves and nature. Do what your heart truely want, you owe this one to yourself.

    Re: I know I should study....


    Yes, I often get into that situation from time to time. I usually find that it happens to me because I really don't want to do the work, often because it's from a class that I really don't care for and am only taking it because I have to. There are a lot of other things I'd like to be doing, but I've found that if I prioritize my work and get it all done, then I can do the things that I want. You stated that you have quite a bit of work to do, so here's some advice to hopefully help you get to studying while enjoying what you want to do: Do work for a certain amount of time (say, an hour, give or take), and after the time is up, reward yourself with something you like doing for maybe half an hour (but don't go over it by too much, you'll be procrastinating!).

    I often do that, and I find that it helps, plus I get to reward myself with something I like when I get time in. I think there was a study about how it's helpful to take a break from schoolwork every hour for half an hour, but I don't remember if it was for exercise or just as a way to let your brain take a quick break from the hustle and bustle of schoolwork. Hope this helps, and good luck with your midterms!

    Re: I know I should study....

    I completely understand this. I'm an older student (age 55) Work full time, run 2 businesses from my home and I'm trying to finish my degree. I pretty much go from sun up to after sun down. I squeeze study time in anytime I can, I take some of my school books or thankfully electronic books on my phone with me everywhere. I can catch some reading at work during lunch or waiting for meetings to start. I also try to divide my home time with studying and working my businesses. When I come home from work I work my businesses and fill orders as fast I can then hopefully settle in before bed with some study time. I will admit it is very difficult and I have the blessing of doing online school so I can do class stuff in my pajamas, on my cell phone or tablet that I carry everywhere. If I have a paper to write or test to take I may keep Sundays open for those more tedious assignments.

    Good Luck Emma!

    Re: I know I should study....

    Hey there Emma,

    Yes, I find myself in that situation a lot. What I do, is that I turn off my phone, block social media from my computer so that I don't find myself scrolling down and liking and sharing any cute cat pictures :3, and listen to classical or smooth jazz music. These things help me a lot and if you want to write or paint that involves the computer and you have to write or do problems, like me in many of the situations, is that I hang out with people or friends that have the same class and we do it together and help each other out, that way you can all finish faster and do what you love most.

    Hope this helps Emma, ps. I have a friend whose name is also Emma :3, anyway hope you have a nice day or night wherever you are :),


    Re: I know I should study....

    Hi Emma,

    That is called "The love of distraction" and yes I have been there many times. The only way to stay focused on your studies is to set a plan and a task list before you sleep for the next day, then after doing all your To-Do-List reward yourself. You will feel extremely happy and satisfied. Hope that would work for you.


    Re: I know I should study....


    Sometimes I don't have enough determination to keep me on track when studying neither. But the way I get out of my zone of distraction is that I keep reminding myself why I have to try hard on this exam in the first place. Usually my motivation is because all of my grade rests upon that one exam lol, since I pretty much screwed up my other ones or something like that. Otherwise if my life doesn't depend on that exam, then I got to find me another source of motivation. Such as maybe that if I keep my grade to a solid A and to maintain my high GPA I have a better chance of receiving school scholarships. I realize that scholarships from my university only pay attention to the students with exemplary scores lol. That's why I keep telling myself that I need to study well for the sake of being able to afford college at all..

    Good luck on your exams ^^