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    Bad Weather is abrewing!!

    created by TheCrimsonActuary 578 days 22 hours 38 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Bad Weather is abrewing!!

    Howdy folks! Just another day on the great plains here in Oklahoma.

    We are currently seeing some big storms with possible tornadoes coming in from the southwest. Hopefully they stay as rain and thunderstorms throughout the evening.

    What about your area? Are you seeing early summer snow storms like in Colorado? Or above normal temperatures? Or nice beautiful days?

    Stay safe if you have inclement weather approaching!!

    Re: Bad Weather is abrewing!!

    I live in Pennsylvania and these past two weeks have been FREEZING, but these past two days have been above 90. Pennsylvania's weather is weird to say the least but it's finally warm!!! I can finally wear shorts outside instead of warm pants and a sweatshirt LOL.

    Re: Bad Weather is abrewing!!

    Houston weather is so annoying (always hot, humid, and unpredictable) but recently, it has been, miraculously, good! It's nice and warm out and there doesn't seem to be a chance for rain, although saying that could jinx it. I'm talking about a state that, on a perfectly clear spring day, suddenly hailed for 2 minutes, then returned back to its originally happy weather.

    Re: Bad Weather is abrewing!!

    Hello Crimson,

    Long time no see,

    I live in Houston as well and agree with Az_College. The weather in Houston is so unpredictable, we can have all four seasons in one week. I have never been able to put away my winter clothes or summer clothes. I most often wear summer clothes and carry a winter coat in the car just in case:)

    This week and the past couple of weeks actually, the weather has been really nice. Nice to the point that I feel guilty locking myself in my room and studying, so I haven't been as productive this week. I don't want to jinx it though, they said there is a chance for rain this weekend so we will see how long this nice weather will last.

    I hope you guys are ok over there in Oklahoma and the weather doesn't get too crazy,

    Thank you for the post and have a wonderful night!