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    Hello everyone! What made you laugh today?

    created by Maximos 4 days 23 hours 17 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Hello everyone! What made you laugh today?

    What made you laugh today?

    Re: Hello everyone! What made you laugh today?

    Hey all,

    As usual, it was a funny video from Facebook that made me laugh today. It was a cat eating a leaf from a salad. My best friend prides herself to be like a cat. It's true as well, that she is more feline. She has all the traits: choosiness, spontaneity, reserved, doesn't like to be bothered much, likes to be celebrated.

    Well, the thing is she emphasizes on being feline as her love for fish is similar to the cats. But though she eats greens, vegetables are somewhat on her not so favorite list only.

    Today when I saw the cat eating salad video. It wasn't funny at all for a normal person. But for me, given the context it was so hilarious and I instantly shared it with her saying "Watch and Learn"

    That was something that made me laugh today.

    Keep smiling. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

    Re: Hello everyone! What made you laugh today?

    Similarly to Hbee, I was driven to a fit of giggles from this hilarious video on instagram. It was about the fails of army soldiers. One seemed like he was teaching another how to throw a hand grenade. They were standing on high ground because a deep trench was dug all around them. The new guy pulled the pin and chucked the hit the ground 2 feet away and bounced right back toward the two. They frantically ducked for cover, the more seasoned one dove into the trench while the new one just collapsed on the ground. The seasoned one pulled him in right as the grenade went off.
    But the one that REALLY got me was when 2 soldiers were backpacking across a deserted piece of land. There was quite a bit of a ledge between the ground they were on and the road. They both hopped up over the gap and fully expected to keep going but both of their boots got caught...and they fell flat on their faces at the same time. IT WAS SO FUNNY. I spasmed and swiped the video away on accident so I couldn't see more.
    ....well it doesn't sound funny when I read it back to myself, but seeing it is a whole different story.

    Re: Hello everyone! What made you laugh today?

    Hey Maximos,

    One thing that made me laugh today was my dog stretching out on the couch. He has this way of making sure that everyone knows he's stretching and will put his feet in your face to make sure you're looking. Once he was done stretching he moved over just enough that he almost fell off the couch. It made me laugh a little bit because he is so clumsy! My dog really just likes the attention so sometimes I think he does stuff like that on purpose to see if he gets some sort of reaction out of us. It almost always does ha ha.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Hello everyone! What made you laugh today?

    That it's Friday. I still want to laugh! XD