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    What pets have you had?

    created by ElisaCutiePie 5 days 8 hours 3 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What pets have you had?

    Hi all!

    I have always wanted to have a pet, but growing up the only pet I had was a fish. My mom is a huge neat-freak and would not let me own any pet other than a fish. But as I am getting older and will be living on my own officially soon, I really want to have a pet of my own!

    So what pets have you had? Are there any kind of pet you would recommend for someone whose never had experience owning a pet before?

    Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!
    Much love,


    Re: What pets have you had?


    I had non.


    Re: What pets have you had?

    hi hi!

    I've had a fish, hamster, parrot, cat and a dog. I currently have a dog and that is plenty.
    I think cats are easy pets to have. You can leave them for several days, and you don't need to constantly entertain them or walk them. If you want a chill pet, then cat is a good one I would say.

    Talk later!

    Re: What pets have you had?


    My family had a black german shepherd a few years ago, but due to old age she's no longer with us (RIP kiki). Right now though we still have a few gold fishes in our fish tank. My grandma takes care of them so well that they keep growing fatter and fatter every day lol, to the point of obesity I think.. We also used to have a few chickens, but when they gave birth my grandma gave them away to the neighbors, which was kind of sad because the chicks were so adorable. I think that once I live out on my own I would want to have some chickens as pets :D But I need to do some research on how to take care of them first lol.

    Have a good one!

    Re: What pets have you had?

    The only pet I´ve ever had was a dog and that was short lived. I have never been big on pets because I view them as extra work and who wants extra work? Not me :0)


    Re: What pets have you had?

    I've grown up with my dogs for the majority of my life and I've had cats here and there. I currently have several cats (mostly outdoor) and 2 dogs but I'd have to say the most interesting pet I've had is the ones we obtained thanks in part to a neighbor kid who found them in our back wooded area. Me and my uncle rescued 10 baby opossums from their mother who had passed away from what looked like a fatal injury.

    After several weeks, once they got big enough to be on their own, we let all but 2 that wanted to stay free out in a big field near by. One of the two that stayed, we don't know what happened to it whether it escaped or it crawled under our garage or something but the one that stayed with us through most of that summer proved to me personally that opossums are very smart creatures!

    Kid you not, the one that stayed, my uncle named Spartacus, could answer yes or no questions by nodding his head to say yes or turning his head away from you to tell no, he would tell you what he liked and disliked and my dogs and cats all protected him when he was out in the yard with us.

    So overall, it's your decision because any pet you have can become like a child to you :)

    Re: What pets have you had?

    Hi Elisa,

    DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS!! They are extremely friendly, playful, loyal and easy to learn and adapt.

    Have a great day

    Re: What pets have you had?

    Hello Elisa,

    I've always been a cat person I have 5 kitties right now 17 yrs. for the older 2 kitties and 3 who are 2 yrs. old. They are so much fun and cuddly I even have them trained to sit before they get their wet food which they only get it once a day for a treat at 2:00 pm Minnesota time.


    Jenelu Rose

    Re: What pets have you had?

    Hey there!

    I had fish (goldfish, minnows, little snails that went along with those fish to help clean the tank, and a beta), cats, dogs, and hamsters. Congratulations for going out into the world on your own, but you didn't mention if you're moving into an apartment or a house of your own. If you're going into an apartment, I would highly recommend checking to see what their rules are about pets (some may allow them, as long as they're quiet, up to date on their shots, and stuff like that). I would also highly recommend creating a list of costs if you were to get a cat or a dog or any other pet (other than a fish, as from what I'm reading, you're really done with that!), that way you can understand what the costs will be to care for them and perhaps work that into your budget, because it'll be a lot different from owning a fish.

    In my experience, I've found that cats and dogs make good companions, although the breed of the dog can vary. You'll have dogs that are super hyper, those who are laid back, and you might take into consideration their size (as a tip, I've found that sadly bigger dogs have shorter life spans and more health problems than smaller dogs. I had a Saint Bernard, and she made it a few weeks after her fifth birthday before we sadly had to put her down due to her worsening health condition, which the vet said is sadly common). I would also recommend that you choose a pet that matches your level of activity. If you like going out for a run, get a dog that likes that as well, because they'll love it, and if you're more laid back, get a dog like that. As for cats, that's a bit easier, but it would be a good idea to make sure that they can get along with other cats or pets just in case you want to have more than one pet. As a big tip, DON'T DECLAW THE CAT! I know that cats are usually declawed because the owner has diabetes or there is another issue, but the process of declawing involves cutting off the top section of the toes (equivalent to someone cutting off the tips of your fingers at the joint). Just make sure to keep the cat's (and dog's) nails clipped, and give the cats some scratching posts to do that, rather than them eyeing up your furniture. I hope this helps!