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    Speak 3 languages?

    created by Peacelover 5 days 14 hours 9 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Speak 3 languages?

    If I gave you an opportunity to learn 3 languages, what languages would you choose and why?

    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    Hey Peace Lover!
    I can only speak english right now, I used to be able sign fluently and I could speak enough Swedish to get me through a couple of trips there. But I don't think I would choose those languages again.

    I think I would take a more practical approach right now and pick Spanish, Arabic, and Russian. Here's why: Spanish because we are bordered with Mexico and have a really large spanish population here in America. I would love to be able to communicate better with them and show them an effort to work with them, rather than tell them they have to conform.

    Russian and Arabic for the same reason: our country is in high tension with both of these populations. I think it would be really valuable to be able to communicate with them in such delicate situations. The world needs more people that can talk and communicate and less people who think violence and anger is an answer.

    I would like to be able to diffuse tension between Americans and these people.

    Also arabic is a really beautiful written language.


    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    Hey Peacelover!

    This is already pretty easy for me because I've kind of done this in real life. The three languages I would choose are: Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.

    I've always loved Spanish/Latin cultures and just love the language in general. You can connect with so many people, and I've always wanted to be extremely fluent in Spanish. I hope to travel to Spain someday so that's why I want to learn it.

    The reasons for Spanish can go along with the other two, but my most important point for all three is the connection you make with people through languages. I think that connection is one of the most awesome things a person can have.

    - Kyle

    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    Hi Peacelover!
    Great question.

    So I currently speak fluent English and Dutch, and I can completely understand Vietnamese but I can't speak it fluently. If I were to choose 3 languages though I would pick English, Vietnamese and Spanish.
    English because it's such a universal language, and it's of course the language spoken where I live. Vietnamese because I am Vietnamese, and although my uncles and aunts can speak English my grandparents and older aunts cannot. I wish I could speak Vietnamese so I could actually communicate with my grandparents and I know it would change my relationship with the rest of my family too. Because although the rest of the family can speak English I know if I spoke Vietnamese we would have a lot more conversations since they're more comfortable speaking Vietnamese.
    Whereas I would want to learn Spanish because it is a very common language and I know it will come in handy knowing it. Although I don't live there right now, when I lived in Riverside the Spanish language was every where I went. When I used to volunteer at Kaiser Permanente I would often have people come up to me seeking help who only knew Spanish. Although I have taken Spanish for 3 years in high school, it was not enough for me to be able to help these people comfortably. I am currently studying to become a pharmacist so it'd be nice to know Spanish so I could help Spanish-only speaking customers.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!
    Much love,

    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    Hey Peacelover!

    I am already fluent in 3 Languages. I can speak Kurdish, Turkish, & English . Kurdish is my native language. I learned how to speak Turkish by going to school in Turkey. And then moved into the States and started learning English when I was 13. :)

    But if I were to choose 3 different ones I would still want to learn Kurdish, English, & Japanese :)

    So which 3 would you like to learn?

    Thanks for the forum!
    Have a great day!
    ~ NjBr

    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    hi hi!

    If I could speak 3 more languages I would go with: Spanish, Arabic and French.
    Spanish and Arabic are on the top spoken world languages list and those languages would come handy at any time. I like the sound of French, and hey I can be cool in France and Canada :)

    Talk later!

    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    Hey, PeaceLover!

    Hope you have been well!

    If I could fluently speak three languages, I would probably choose Spanish (since is is so widely spoken), Mandarin Chinese (again, because it's common), and lastly Japanese! (Obviously, I wouldn't choose English, since I fluently speak it... well, I hope)!

    I do want to mention my Japanese decision, however. Ever since I became a young adult, I became fascinated with Japanese culture. I know this is nerdy, but I LOVE anime. (I love any type of fantasy or sci-fi). I have probably watched over 100 different series. Plus, who doesn't love sushi?! One of my dreams is to visit Japan. In order to do this, I probably would need to be a little acquainted with the language!

    I love how Japanese culture emphasizes on putting community before one's self. They are considered some of the most hygienic people in the world, and their advancements in technology and educational system sure to beat out the US!


    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    Very interesting question.

    I would love to learn German, Russian and an indigenous language from Mexico, like the Mayan language!

    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    Hello Peace!

    I would definitely learn Arabic, French, and German. I started learning German on my own, but I fell out of the habit and retained little as a result. I hope to go back into it when I transfer! I want to learn German because I might travel to Germany some day, and honestly, it just sounds kickass haha. I want to learn Arabic and French because they are popular languages and, in the humanitarian sector, the more languages you know the better. This is actually very important to me as I am looking to volunteer in other countries!

    Have a great day!


    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    If I could speak 3 languages it would be Spanish, French, and Hmong.

    Spanish because its very popular and a personÅ› pay increases for knowing how to speak it.
    Hmong because it would be so cool to know it and people wouldn´t expect an African American to be fluent in it and French because when I travel to Europe I wouldn´t need to carry a translation book.


    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    Hello Peace!

    I can already speak 4 languages; English, Arabic, Korean, and Mandarin. The first two of them I can speak fluently and the other two I am still mastering, but have been learning for two years now.

    If I could add another three, I'd want to learn French, German, and Russian. I already plan to add French sometime in the future, and I'd love to learn German. I want to live in Germany for a part of my life so knowing the language would be a little bit essential.

    One of my cousins is studying Russian in college now. She's learning to become a translator and Russian will be her 8th language. I'm just amazed at her progress and hearing her speak is amazing so I'd want to pick up another common language between us.


    Re: Speak 3 languages?


    Cool question. I would pick Spanish (because it is highly spoken in the US). Also and African clicking language (because how many people can communicate this way, but really I think this language would greatly expand my mental processing, I already know American Sign Language, a visual language that has helped me develop a deeper mental process). I would also like to learn Japanese (oral language as well as how to write in Japanese, more and more mental process development would occur).

    Great question!

    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    Hey, Peacelover! If I could speak any three languages, I would like to be able to speak Chinese, English, and maybe French or Russian. Those tend to be one of the most used languages and I think that that could really help me get through life. But on a silly note, I would like to be able to speak animal and communicate to dogs and cats. Pretty dumb, but I think that that's really cool.

    Talk to you later!


    Re: Speak 3 languages?

    I already speak two languages fluently right now, which are English and Burmese. But if I could learn three other languages it would be French, Indian, and Korean.