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    Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?

    created by NjBr 6 days 3 hours 20 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?

    Good Morning CNet!❤️ Happy Election Day!! :)

    Do you know your Blood type?

    What is your Blood type?

    Have You Ever Donated Blood?

    Do you ever plan on Donating Blood?

    Here are some benifits of donating blood:


    2. Researchers have estimated that you can reduce up to 650 calories by donating a pint of blood.

    3. It reduces your risk of heart and liver ailments caused by iron overload in the body.

    4. Only takes about 8 to 10 minutes to donate a pint.

    ** You are Not allowed to donate if you are under 110 pounds.

    I recently found out my blood type when I was at the emergency room. I had always wondered what it was but my doctors for some reason wouldn't tell me. I have no idea why. I found out that it's B+. It's such an important thing to know what your blood type is, especially when you are at a rural area. I want to donate my blood when I am 115 pounds. Right now I am only 108 lol I am so skinny and small for my age.

    Thanks everyone & Best of Luck to you today!!

    Have an AMAZING Day!! :)
    ~ NjBr

    Re: Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?

    Good Morning,

    My blood type is O+, The last time I donated blood was about 10 years ago when I was in high school. They gave me two tickets to the mets game. But unfortunately in school I passed out it was the worst headache i've had and I even threw up wasn't sure why that happened because when I was done donating blood they gave me food to eat and they told me to rest for half hour to an hour before going about my day pretty weird but whatever I did my good deed for the day :-) , I work in a hospital and their is a blood drive coming up I might just donate blood again.

    Have a great day

    Re: Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?

    Good day NjBr!

    I have not donated blood yet. I am really thinking about it too. I am skinny as well haha.. But have always wanted to help those who are sick and need it. My blood type is O+ Thank you for all this great information!! I am amazed by the amount of calories you can get rid of. Hope to save lives in the future :)

    Thank you!
    Have a nice day
    Good luck today
    - Kamila

    Re: Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?

    I haven't donated blood in a few years but I have a B+ blood type. I think that donating blood helps save lives but in a way I think it detoxifies your blood. I don't know that for sure but I know the times that I have donated blood, I had felt so much better the next day health wise. Plus it's cool to have something to show off that you donated blood. The coolest thing I got was the last time I had donated blood and they gave us a Red Cross shirt with Elvis on it.

    Re: Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?

    boy, you did your research before posting this one. Went to donate blood, and freaked out. Not literally, but bailed at the last minute. My Mom went with me and she gave. She gives on a regular basis and I know I will next time.
    I know it's the closet regular folks will get in saving lives, if you are not in the medical field.

    Donate Blood? Be positive. What is your blood type? B+ (Punned again)

    Hey NjBr,

    Awesome forum. My take on blood donation/ Blood type = Be positive/ B+ ;)

    It's pretty cool if your blood type is an optimism preaching pun. I have donated thrice already and will in the future also.

    Thank you for all the health benefits enlisted along with the noble effect of saving lives.

    Awesome forum. (y)

    Video location credits: A Gators' Office. You can see the mascot behind me. ;)


    Re: Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?

    hi hi!

    I have never donated blood... The process makes me cringe. I would most likely faint. If not donating blood makes me a less of a person, then with all do respect I'll take it. I think my own health comes first. I'm also 115 pound and I wouldn't want any more sucked out of me.

    Talk later!

    Re: Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?

    I have not yet. my blood type is AB+. I cannot donate because I am 97 pounds.

    Good day

    Re: Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?

    when I was younger, I always donated blood and I am O+. I can't donate now as I am anemic and can be more harm than good. I also learned by donation that my blood have properties that help Sickle Cell patients! I was so happy and want to donate blood more often.

    Re: Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?

    I want to donate blood SO BAD! But sadly, I am underweight and would probably pass out. At my school, we have annual blood donations and it's always a bummer to see them and not be able to contribute! Also, I think it's such a shame that I can't donate because of the weight issue when I have such a big desire to especially since I am type O blood, but no clue whether if I'm positive or negative. Hopefully negative so I'm truly a universal donor.

    It's one of the easiest things to do that causes you pretty much no harm and it immensely helps out others! Such a win-win situation if I've ever seen one.

    Great forum! Thanks!

    Re: Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?


    I have O+ blood! I've never donated blood but I'd love to!


    Re: Have you Donated Blood? What is your blood type?

    Hey, NjBr!

    In my early college days, I used to donate blood quite often! I found I was allowed to donate twice a week, and at the end of the month this added up! (This really helped me pay rent)!

    It actually got to the point that I was donating so much, that when I went in for a checkup at the hospital, one of the nurses “hinted” that she thought I was an IV drug user because my antecubital vein (the site of choice for IV sticks when I would donate blood) had scars. I was pretty offended to say the least.

    My blood type is actually O-, which roughly less the 10% of the population has. What makes the blood type unique (and I’m sure you actually already know this, because by reading your forum, you have done your research) is that it is the “universal donor” blood type… meaning, any blood type can receive my blood without the body attacking it.

    According to, O negative blood “is also the safest for newborn infants especially the ones with underdeveloped immune systems”.

    Unfortunately, even though O negative blood is the universal donor, individuals with O negative blood can only RECEIVE O negative blood. This blood type also has no Rh factor.

    If you’d like to learn 10 interesting facts about each blood type, check out this link!

    P.S. You are skinny! Hope you are okay since you went to the ER? My fiancé is a nurse, but since she is only 105lbs, she cannot donate.

    Great and unique topic!