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    Do you hammock?

    created by TheCrimsonActuary 585 days 22 hours 2 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you hammock?

    Howdy folks, congratulations to all of the winners yesterday.

    Sorry for my absence over the past week, I felt like I needed a short break to regroup and gather my thoughts. Plus I was busy with some house stuff and other errands for my wedding.

    Do you like to lounge in a hammock? Have you camped with a hammock instead of a tent? What kind of hammock do you have?

    I just bought my first hammock a few months ago and finally have started using it this past week. I cannot believe I waited this long to hang it up. I purchased two of the double wide Bear Butt hammocks off Amazon and I am greatly pleased with my purchase. My fiance and I have being going out to hang them at the park and the lake everyday this past week. I even bring it to work and hang it up during lunch. I hope to go camping in the next few weeks, so maybe I will try sleeping in it all night.

    Re: Do you hammock?

    Hi there TheCrimsonActuary! :)

    No need to apologize for your absence, and glad to see you are back again! I love to lounge around in a hammock! There is one at my parent's house, and my grandma has one as well! My cousins and I used to all love sitting together on my grandma's hammock until she got mad because she said we're all too fat and we'll break it haha! The hammocks I own are actually Vietnamese style hammocks which are more commonly placed inside the house than out! I am more of an indoor person than an outdoor one, so it works out for me. Although I love hammocks I don't think I would ever camp with a hammock instead of a tent. I get anxiety when I sleep at night and I know camping outside without a "roof" over my head would certainly make me so nervous that I wouldn't be able to enjoy camping anymore. I hope you have a good day!

    Much love,

    Re: Do you hammock?


    Great to see you back!

    Everyone around my campus seems to hammock. The hammock club is the largest club on our campus. I, however, have never really hammocked. Sometimes when I go to one friend's house I'll sit in their hammock in their backyard but I don't own my own or seek out opportunities to hammock.