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    Cinco de Mayo!!

    created by TheCrimsonActuary 588 days 11 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Cinco de Mayo!!

    Howdy friends, I hope your week is going along smoothly.

    Do you and your friends celebrate Cinco de Mayo? What sort of activities do you celebrate with? Do you ever wonder why we celebrate this day, even though the majority of Mexico does not recognize it?

    My friends and I decided to have a party at my house this year. This will be our first big party of the year with booze, good food, and yard games. We also plan on pitching tents and hanging hammocks for everybody to stay the night. I hope this party is fun and everybody enjoys themselves.

    We are not celebrating Cinco de Mayo per say, we just happened to plan our party on the 5th of May, so it works out now to have a theme!

    Re: Cinco de Mayo!!

    I thought Cinco De Mayo passed! I remember seeing a mexican holiday on Snapchat. I guess it wasn Cinco De Mayo. Well, that shows how much I know about that holiday.
    No, I don't celebrate it and I don't have any friends who do. I think the holiday is to celebrate the dead, am I correct? I remember that they wear a lot of colors and beaded necklaces and hats and costumes. I'm not sure if I have the holiday mixed up with another! I do like learning about different cultures though, and this is a very interesting topic.
    What do you know about Cinco De Mayo?