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    Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

    created by TheCrimsonActuary 590 days 5 hours 29 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

    Howdy friends. I hope you had a great weekend!!

    What type of videos do you like to watch while on YouTube? Are you one of the YouTube Red subscribers? Do you have a favorite channel that you subscribe to?

    I enjoy watching videos on cars and mechanical things. I also enjoy a few vlogs from people like StreetSpeed717 and what not.

    I hope you have a great evening!

    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

    Hey Crimson,

    I usually watch music videos when I browse YouTube. I like having visuals to what I'm listening to so it's nice being able to watch the songs being acted out. If I'm not watching music videos I'm probably watching a how to video or something about math homework ha ha. Other than that I don't spend a whole lot of time flipping through it.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

    Hello Crimson,

    The biggest portion of my YouTube videos are on music. I listen to music in the car, while doing house chores, while exercising, while planning at work, and sometimes even when I am studying. I like listening to violinists like Lindsey Sterling. I also listen to Turkish music, Arabic music, Spanish music, American music and a little of Indian music all from Youtube.

    Other than that, I like entertaining and comedy shows. I like the channel of Good Mythical morning alot and often watch Jimmy Fallen and Conan on Youtube. Then there is of course my foreign dramas that are subtitled in English;)

    Youtube is always one of my saved pages. Besides entertainment, I go on it to find educational videos for my students as well as crafts and activities for the little kiddos I volunteer with in my church. I am really grateful for whoever invented this idea.

    Thank you for the forum,
    Have a great night!

    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

    Hello Crimson!

    I don't watch a lot of videos on YouTube but when I do I can sort of get lost watching them! I mostly watch movie trailers and music videos when I am on You Tube. I love movie trailers, it makes me excited for future possibilities concerning going to the movies and new entertainment.

    I also think music videos are so interesting because they are like little short films. They have great music and if they are good, they have a small story to them that can be followed along. I really enjoy Troye Sivan's videos and Stromae's videos!

    Have a good night Crimson!

    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

    Hey Crimson,

    No, I haven't subscribed to YouTube Red and I have a few favorite channels to which I have subscribed to ranging from music channels like Vidya Vox to technical computer science videos.

    I like to watch funny videos on YouTube like reality talk shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen Show. I also like to watch talent shows and other news shows like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

    I like to see sports clips and funny series' compilations and blooper videos.

    I guess that pretty much covers, what all I like to watch on YouTube!!!


    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube


    My favorite videos to watch on YouTube are make-up videos! I'm not subscribed on YouTube Red. I don't really have a favorite person to watch, I just watch them.

    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube


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    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

    Hi Crimson,

    When on YouTube, I usually watch music videos, make-up or hair videos, psychology-related videos, and movie trailers. I'm not exactly sure what the YouTube Red is, I know it is a subscription service, but does it have anything to do with no longer being able to vote, view or make playlists on YouTube?

    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube


    I LOVE YouTube. I often say to myself "Okay, Bailey, just one video and then it's time for homework." And of course, one video turns into 12 and then it's midnight and RIP my grades...

    Some of my favorite YouTubers/channels are Good Mythical Morning, Shane Dawson (mostly his conspiracy theory videos), Jenna Marbles, Zane Hijazi, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Heart, Tyler Oakley, Buzzfeed (especially the Buzzfeed unsolved series (seriously it's amazing) and soooo many more.

    Thanks for asking and if you need me, I'll be ignoring my responsibilities by watching YouTube :)

    Have a lovely day!

    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

    Great forum. I love watching YouTube. My favorites (not in this order): The breakfast Club, Timothy Delaghetto, Ambers Closet, dance videos, hair cut videos, tutorials on anything I need/want to know.

    I hope some more folks let us know which channels they specifically watch. I'm always looking for new channels to follow.

    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

    I love watching YouTube i have been watching a lot of Ryan Higa lately he is soooooo funny and i can relate to him alot but i do watch jenna marbles and Marzia she is sooooo adorable

    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

    I don't ever go on youtube just to search around; but one of my best friends always did and he introduced me to the Hodge Twins! They are SO funny and SO attractive! I can't believe that they are in their 40's. Being body builders and comedians is quite the entertaining combo!
    Def check them out... won't be sorry!

    Re: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

    hi hi!

    I don't spend much time watching videos on YouTube but when I do watch something, they're either music videos or dance videos. I like watching different type of dances there are in the world.

    Talk later!