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    Fun Friday - Movies!!!

    created by TheCrimsonActuary 594 days 2 hours 26 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Fun Friday - Movies!!!

    Howdy Folks!! Hope you are all excited for the weekend!

    Here is OKC, we have our annual Arts Festival, so my fiance and I will be going downtown and seeing what all the festival has to offer.

    Tomorrow we plan on going to the movies, but haven't decided what we will be watching yet.

    What are some recent movies you have scene and would recommend to others to go see this weekend?

    Thank you in advance for the suggestions, have a great weekend!

    Re: Fun Friday - Movies!!!


    There is a movie that I haven't seen yet since it has recently come out, it might even have just opened today. It is called The Circle and it looks very interesting. It is about mass surveillance and what is done with that information. It has some pretty big list actors in it as well.

    Re: Fun Friday - Movies!!!

    Hi TheCrimsonActuary!

    I recently saw La La Land and thought it was fantastic--especially because I've been swing dancing for 6 years and love it! It was a great story line with excellent music and actors.