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    I'm an INFP - what personality type are you?

    created by Aeldred 565 days 23 hours 37 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    I'm an INFP - what personality type are you?

    I was reading about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) recently and am curious to know what types of personalities we have here in the forums!

    In case you aren’t familiar with it, there are 4 pairs of traits and when your preferred traits are combined you have a 4-letter type. To determine your type, from each pair (see below) select the trait that is most natural, comfortable, or easiest for you. This doesn’t mean that you don’t also use/possess the other trait, just that this is the one that comes most naturally.

    Once you’ve got it figured out (or if you already know), share it with the group and include it in your tags!! Let’s see what type of personalities are here!

    Brief description of the pairs…more info available on google!
    Extroverting/Intraverting – how you prefer to get your energy (this is not the same as being outgoing)
    Extroverting – are energized by being around people
    Intraverting – need time on their own to feel energized

    Sensing/iNtuiting – how you prefer to take in information
    Sensing – take information in through the 5 senses; prefer to think about things as they currently are
    iNtuiting – taking information in through the “sixth sense” or gut feeling; prefer to think about how things could be

    Thinking/Feeling – how you prefer to make decisions
    Thinking – decisions are based on logic and reasoning and whether decision is fair/just
    Feeling – decision are based on personal values and how decision affects others’ feelings

    Judging/Perceiving – how you prefer to live your life outwardly
    Judging – prefer to have things settled; adheres to rules and deadlines
    Perceiving – prefer to keep options open; sees rules and deadlines as flexible

    Re: I'm an INFP - what personality type are you?

    We took this personality test in psychology, I am 100% INTJ.

    Re: I'm an INFP - what personality type are you?

    I took this back in college,

    My letters are ENTP. Which I think were the same ones I got back in college.