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    Dating in the 21st Century

    created by HisChosen1 565 days 11 hours 51 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Dating in the 21st Century

    Hello Everyone!

    Dating in the 21st century is a very difficult thing. It is much more impersonal than it used to be. It is a lot easier nowadays do blow someone off. Very often it involves a lot of texting back and forth before one of the parties just seems to stop responding all together with no rhyme or reason. How many dates do you think there should be before you become "official"? What constitutes a date to you?

    Have a wonderful night everyone!


    Re: Dating in the 21st Century

    Hi HisChosen1,

    I think all that really depends on the couple and what they decide to do. You can't really put a blanket statement on something like that. The two individuals need to spend time thinking about how they feel about the other person, take time getting to know that person, then deciding how they want to proceed. There should be plenty of open conversation about how they feel about the other person and what they're interested in/what their goals are in life, etc., so the couple can determine whether they're right for one another. That's not really something you can put a time limit on--it's just a sense you get about a person when you spend time with them. It all really just depends. :)


    Re: Dating in the 21st Century

    That's a tough question! I think it comes down to the couple and what they're comfortable with. For me personally, I would say the number would probably be around 5 dates. That seems like enough to know if you have things in common and want to spend more time together.

    I think almost anything could constitute a date. There are the classic dinner or movie dates but I think it can be fun to mix it up sometimes!

    Re: Dating in the 21st Century

    I'd have to go with Aeldred on this one and say 5 dates in which we actually get to know each other. Movies are fine and all but it doesn't give you much of a chance to actually talk and get to know each other but maybe later on, something like going to the movies and expressing those interests would work out ;)