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    What you think about open book tests?

    created by Frh 566 days 19 hours 46 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    What you think about open book tests?


    I just had an open book test and it was ridiculously hard. I did not even had chance to recheck my answers from the book. My major in nursing and the open book test option was offer for the first time. There were like 50 questions. I answered all the questions first and put stars next to the questions that I was not sure about so I can go back to my note or book to check, guess what I did not have chance to do that. So, I think Open book tests are the hardest and I wish I never get that again.

    So, what you guys think is open book tests hard or easy? have you ever had open book test?

    Re: What you think about open book tests?


    I think its helpful in some cases but you have to know the material otherwise you will fail. lol

    Re: What you think about open book tests?

    Hey friend!

    Well I am a nursing student as well no matter how much you study open book or not it is supper hard because all answers are correct and you need to get the most correct. So i understand very clearly on how hard the exam must have been!! Best of Luck to you :)
    Hopefully you did well!

    Have a wonderful night!

    Re: What you think about open book tests?

    Good evening!
    I think that pointless tests are pointless. As a student an open test book would sound like music to my ears, but for a teacher to give one? What is the point of an open test book?! So students can look for something in a book, write it down, and move on? What is the point of that! haha.

    And that's all I have to say about that!

    Re: What you think about open book tests?

    Hey Frh,

    I'm working on a take home test right now that's basically open notes and it's really hard also. I think the purpose of making them take home is to make sure that you actually learned everything. I had a math class last semester that I think he just liked trying to get us to fail because the tests were not even moderately close to what we learned in the class. The questions were a lot more complex than we had seen, even from the book. I don't like when teachers do stuff like that because it makes the class more frightening because you have no idea how well you're going to do. Overall I don't mind take home tests, but just not math ones.

    Have a great day!

    Re: What you think about open book tests?

    I had a similar experience with open book tests. It was extremely difficult and I had to know the material really well in order to finish all the questions. At best, having notes was useful if I forgot a specific term but knew the concept.

    I'm ok with open book tests and in some ways prefer them, so long as the instructor is up front about the difficulty compared to time limit (mine was). I think open book tests, if designed well, can give instructors insight into who can memorize the material and who actually understands it.

    Then again, I'm not in classes this semester so maybe I'll have a different opinion when I'm taking finals in the fall! :)

    Re: What you think about open book tests?


    Open book tests do seem so much harder for some reason. I feel like not all of the answers are in the book.. We expect them to be but for some reason they just disappear when we are taking the test. So I guess personally, I'd rather take a test without the book.

    Re: What you think about open book tests?

    Good morning Frh's,

    I do open book with all my classes but I still haven't done very well. But at least I didn't fail. I do like the open book though.


    Jenelu Rose