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    Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    created by Frh 9 days 22 hours 33 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    Hello dear cNet,

    It is hard to think of a new interesting topic everyday. So, today while I was driving I wished I had someone drive me to the school and back home. Because being driver you really cannot enjoy looking around. Since, I have to drive most of the time I really want to be sitting on the passenger seat and enjoy. How about you guys? Do you like to be driver or passenger?


    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    I like to be the driver because I like to be in control when on the road.

    I don't like riding in cars, I never have. My relationship with cars has always been to drive them, to feel the road through the car. I am only okay being a passenger on trains or airplanes.

    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    You know Frh when I was younger before I got my license, I couldn't wait until I get my license. I wanted to experience driving myself and my friends to places with the wind running though my hair like the movies. But now sometimes I am willing to just pay someone to drive me:)

    I live in Houston, one of the most congested cities in the US. Going to work takes about an hour there and an hour back. Going to campus was the same thing. Today I was trying hard to prevent myself from falling asleep while I am driving.

    In general though, especially in the night time when there is no traffic or sun heat, I often take my car for a random drive to relieve my stress. I love putting the music on, the windows down and driving in a place with a high speed limit:)

    So to answer your question, I like to relax and enjoy the view as well while someone is transporting me at least every once in a while:) But if I had to pick a lifetime option, I will chose to drive. I like to be in control of the car as Crimson mentioned and also like to leave whenever I want without waiting on someone.

    Thank you,
    Have a great evening,

    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    Hi everyone,

    I do not enjoy driving so I rather be the passenger. My brother is one of the best drivers that I know so I always let him drive while we take a road trip, I just relax and not say a word. But on the contrary I rather drive when I am in the car with my mother. Sometimes I feel that she isn't watching the road. Have a great day.

    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    Hello FrH!

    I am not a huge fan of driving, so I would rather be the passenger if and only if I trust the person driving the car. If I don't trust the person driving the car, I would rather be the driver.

    When I am the passenger, and I am not needed to copilot, I sleep like a baby.


    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    Hey Frh,
    I usually prefer to be driver. LIke most people I think I am the best driver. I am comfortable and safe and I get pretty carsick. I am fine when someone else drives but I would rather not. If I had the choice. Also I'm not much of a DJ so I like to just let someone else play music. I don't have a spotify or any dope playlists to drop right away.

    Thanks :)

    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    I like being both because if I know that person is a bad driver I would drive but if I know that person is very careful while driving I'll be the passenger. So it just all depends on who wants to drive.

    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    I don't mind driving too much although I would like a driver every now and again. I drive myself almost everywhere and I drive my girlfriend as well when she is around. She doesn't like driving so I end up being the driver for her. I like her so it doesn't bother me really.

    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    Hello frh

    I hate driving! Before I even got my actual license (I had a permit), my mom made me run all of her errands. Literally everything from going to the grocery store to taking my little sister to a different city to her dad. It really annoyed me because when I would ask for her car to go somewhere I wanted to go like the movies she would say no because I don't have a license. That upset me. So I never found driving pleasurable.

    I love car rides though. I like to ride passenger and just enjoy the motion. However, I am judgemental abouf driving, especially to my mom and boyfriend because they don't do everything by the book.

    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    Hello Frh,

    With a nearly hour-long drive to and from work, I love being the passenger--especially if we're around where I live; the scenery is just so beautiful! . Unfortunately, since I am the one that lives farthest away from all of my friends, I am usually the driver (unless I drop my car off at someone's house). Even then, sometimes driving is soothing when I am alone. I think it's just weird if I zone out in the passenger seat; you can't just think and sing in traffic like when you're alone.

    Have a great night :)


    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?


    I personally like to be the driver. I like to be in control. Most of the people that drive me around drive crazy and it scares me sometimes. So I would rather be the one to get us to our destination safe and sound.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    i like driving so i can go anywhere without waiting for anybody especially if you have to go somewhere but being a passenger is nice too gives you time to think and do nothing

    Re: Do you like to be driver or passenger?

    Hello Frh's,

    Depending on how far the trip is I like to drive, if it's far then I like my husband to drive and then I can sit back and relax.

    Have a nice day!

    Jenelu Rose