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    Sex talk with friends

    created by Sammy 10 days 2 hours 23 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Sex talk with friends

    Hi lovelies!

    I feel like sex talk in American culture is very taboo. It's viewed as shameful, nasty and inappropriate. Do you feel such way?
    I mean how sad... Sex is one of the strongest desires in human nature and no one can fight it. It should be the greatest subject of all times!

    Do you have sex conversations with your close friends? Do you talk about your sex life? Do you share intimate details?

    Most of my friends are long time friends (8-17 years) and most of them are from Europe, and so we do talk about sex all the time and those are always the best conversations! Most of my girlfriends are straight and I'm not, so often those conversations are very educational as well haha. I mean we talk about everything: the partners the sizes, who likes what, how they do it etc. Why shame the biggest pleasure of your life!

    Talk later!

    Re: Sex talk with friends

    Hello Sammy!

    I am from the middle east and in our country we don't talk about sex with anyone. But in my ethnicity, we do talk about it with family members rather than friends. It is mostly talked about if someone is getting closer to marriage and you get tips from either an auntie if you are a girl and if you are a boy you talk with your uncles. Because most of the marriages are arranged, you only have a few months to learn everything. They usually get married between the ages of 19 to 30. Because the people have become more modern these years they are more open to it. We don't have boyfriend/girlfriends. If you really love someone than you have to be serious. Also no sex before marriage both guys and girls. After both sides accept marriage then they get engaged and then talk more about sex. Arranged marriage is not as bad as how people make it sound. Nobody forces you to do anything. If you like the person then you accept the marriage. During the engagement time if you don't get allong then you can always leave Because there has not been any sexual activity.

    Great forum!
    Have a good day.

    Re: Sex talk with friends

    Sex life? I used to have one of those! lol Yeah I'd say I probably talk more about my sex life with my friends more than I do anyone I know and I'm not ashamed of it. I got nothing special to brag about or anything but sometimes it's good to find out some tips and tricks that maybe in the future use with a future partner.

    Re: Sex talk with friends

    My friends and I always have conversations about sex because if you think about it boys do the same thing too so I feel as if girls can do it too.

    Re: Sex talk with friends

    Hello Sammy,

    I definitely agree with you! Sex should not be a taboo conversation topic with close friends. I am grateful to have open-minded close friends that don't shy away from sex talk; it's natural after all! Most of my friends are straight, but even then some gay sex talk slips in from yours truly lol. Fortunately, they are not weirded out by it and it is just a regular conversation for us. Yes, we do share intimate details, but never anything that the partners would mind us sharing.

    Kudos to you for not shying away from it!