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    What Major did you choose to study and Why?

    created by Sommer.25 10 days 2 hours 42 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    What Major did you choose to study and Why?

    Hi everyone!

    The major I chose to study is Elementary Education.

    I chose this major because ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a teacher. I worked at a daycare in 2014-2015 and I knew that this was something that I was passionate about. So if decided to go ahead and make my dreams come true and be a teacher.

    Have a great day!

    Re: What Major did you choose to study and Why?

    I chose to major in Information Systems with a concentration on Computer Forensics. It took me a little while to decide on a major as I went through 2 other majors before choosing this one. They were majors in Web Design and Computer Support Tech.

    I like Computer Forensics because my specialty when it's came down to working on computers is to figure out why something broke a computer and how it was broken. This major focuses more on the security aspect of computers as I usually do virus removals and security updates on computers I fix.

    Re: What Major did you choose to study and Why?


    I am nursing major and the reason I choose it is because I love taking care of people.

    Re: What Major did you choose to study and Why?


    the major I chose to study is criminal justice and forensic psychology. I graduated from UCF, with my bachelors in criminal justice and a minor in criminal profiling. I am currently studying at nova Southeastern University for a Masters in forensic psychology. I chose this field of study, because I have a passion for helping people and I love working in law enforcement. I also have a weird hobby of studying true crime events. It is my dream to become a criminal profiler.

    – Joey

    Re: What Major did you choose to study and Why?

    Hi everyone,

    I studied Business Administration simply because I wanted to open my own business one day. I wanted to learn everything in business, know the law , the DO''S AND DON'T so that I know what to do once I have my business. I graduated with my bachelor degree but I am not using my degree at the moment. Have a good day.

    Re: What Major did you choose to study and Why?

    I started off in mechanical engineering. I switched to mechanical engineering technology this semester and it has been great. I had issues with mechanical engineering because I couldn't crack the theory behind some of the stuff that we were learning. However, MET is a little different than ME and it is easier for me to understand and complete.

    Re: What Major did you choose to study and Why?

    Hey Sommer

    As a little girl, my family would always tell me I would be a lawyer. But I think it was pretty cliche. The 3 most said to kids are lawyer, doctor, and police. I liked the idea because I didn't know about many other professions.

    In high school, I really enjoyed my AP government class even though it was my hardest class. Somewhere along the lines, I learned that a lot of lawyers do political science in undergrad (I've learned that this doesn't matter since then). When choosing a school, I learned that my university had a rigorous residential college that was political science based. If you get accepted to the university and the college then survive your first year of public affairs and writing classes, you can declare a major within the college. The options were Politcial Theory and Constitutional Democracy, Comparative Cultures and Politics, Social Relations & Policy, and International Relations. Social Relations & Policy matched my interests best and I was told that people from each major got the same skills to excel in law school.

    I considered double majoring in accounting, but that didn't work out. Now I'm double majoring in Criminal Justice. I never really considered CJ as major because I don't wanna be a police officer, and I don't need CJ to go to law school. But I noticed that my passion for social issues lied heavily within the criminal justice system, so I thought what better way to critique and change a system than to become an expert on it.

    I know that's a lot to read, but I think it's worth it.

    Good topic.

    Re: What Major did you choose to study and Why?


    I chose an English major because I discovered that I enjoy literature, especially when it comes to discussing different pieces in class. It's always interesting hearing other people's interpretations, different perspectives, or learning the deeper meaning behind a text.

    I've also learned to view English as a form of art. I once read a quote that stated that rhetorical devices and figurative language used by authors are like the paint an artist uses to create a piece of art. Overall, English is a fun subject for me and has various career opportunities! I look forward to studying it in college.



    Re: What Major did you choose to study and Why?

    Hey Sommer.25
    I chose to study business management, because I feel like I can choose a lifestyle that is comfortable later on. My father is a doctor and in high school everyone though I would also choose to be a doctor. However, the trip to becoming a doctor is just too long for me. I also used to lean more towards business classes in high school than science classes. I don't like memorizing a lot. I like studying things that I can understand through logic and not only memorizing. Some people memorize really quickly, however I am not one of those people.
    Finally, the greatest reason why I chose business management is because I always love managing things and I think that I have good leader skills.