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    Seedy Fruit - Fruit lovers

    created by MotivatedOne 10 days 4 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Seedy Fruit - Fruit lovers

    Happy Thursday y'all,

    Who love them some fruit?
    I do, except for the ones I am allergic too :(.

    Name ONE fruit that has alot of seeds?

    Re: Seedy Fruit - Fruit lovers


    My favorite fruit is strawberries, but I'm slightly allergic to it.

    I don't like orange juice because of the pulp. I only like smooth drinks.

    To answer your question, watermelon has a lot of seeds.

    Re: Seedy Fruit - Fruit lovers

    I'm going with the good old tomato. Yup, it's a fruit :)

    Re: Seedy Fruit - Fruit lovers

    The seediest of 'em all, at least for me, is the pomegranate

    Re: Seedy Fruit - Fruit lovers

    Hello MotivatedOne!

    I was going to say strawberries, but I'm going to go with watermelon! I love it in the summer, and spitting out the seeds as a kid was always fun!