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    Gut Feeling:You knew shouldn't but you did anyway

    created by SocialW 10 days 5 hours 21 minutes ago

    Category: Science

    Gut Feeling:You knew shouldn't but you did anyway

    I put this forum in under science because it is a little scientific.

    So yesterday my post was about getting pulled over.(Check it out if you haven't to let me know what you think). Right before I got pulled over I noticed the police and construction happening which blocked traffic. I was doing all I could to avoid the traffic block, circling not to go in that direction to get to the market to buy some fish. All I wanted was fish. After circling a bit then after some deliberation I said "oh well I'm going to go into this traffic and just patiently wait to get through." I was on the phone so I have a witness who heard me. I also said, "I hope I don't regret going this way," (towards the traffic/cops).

    MY GUT feeling told me not to but I went in the direction of the traffic and I got pulled over (to see why check out my post from yesterday, "I got puled over by the police" and comment).

    Have you ever had a gut feeling or intuition telling you to do something or not do something? Share your story...

    Re: Gut Feeling:You knew shouldn't but you did anyway

    Hello SocialW,

    My story has all to do with intuition. One example for me was feeling like I shouldn't wear a particular color pants in the event that 'aunt Mary' might want to visit. Keep in mind, I don't track when she could possibly come so I dont have the opportunity to prepare.

    However this one time I thought about it but still wore my light colored pants and Aunt Mary came uninvited. I caught her right in time. Lolol..

    Re: Gut Feeling:You knew shouldn't but you did anyway

    Hello SocialW!

    Great forum :)

    You know I get these gut feelings all the time usually when I am taking an exam. My gut tells me that this is the right answer but I second guess myself and pick some other answer. I always regret it but it's too late lol.

    And sometimes When something bad is about to happen I can feel it and at that very moment it happens. It's kind of weird and creepy.

    Have a great day :)

    Re: Gut Feeling:You knew shouldn't but you did anyway

    Hey , Nice post!
    I get the gut feeling during test and exams. Sometimes I just know the answer I'm about to circle Is wrong, but I just circle it anyways. After I submit my test it turns out incorrect. That is just the worse feeling ever.
    Or sometimes before I say something, I get a gut feeling like "you know you shouldn't be saying that", and then afterwards I face the consequences of saying what I shouldn't have said.
    A problem I have is that I am not patient, I just tend to get excited and then I may do things that I regret later. My husband tells me to calm down and not rush things. I always ignore that gut feeling or my conscious making its way through my brain trying to warn me that what I am about to do is not the right decision. Instead of taking my time and thinking about I just rush into things. I'm still working on this though.
    Like one time I accidently told the girl we were hosting a surprise birthday party for her, that next weekend was her surprise birthday. I ruined the surprise :(. Even though, like you said, I felt that I shouldn't be doing that.

    Re: Gut Feeling:You knew shouldn't but you did anyway

    Good point, about gut feelings during exams.

    When I take exams, I always go with my gut. I'm a good test-taker, I might not remember the knowledge later, but I always perform well on tests. I am usually the first one done. Not because I am trying to hurry, but because I just go with my gut, I never spend too much time over-thinking it. When I do, I end up with a wrong answer.

    My classmates tease me about testing so quickly. I have to admit, it's not because I'm extremely smart (maybe I should just let them think that) it's just my "go with my gut" process.


    Re: Gut Feeling:You knew shouldn't but you did anyway

    Life lesson to always follow your gut... well unless your gut says don't follow it. Oy vey!

    Re: Gut Feeling:You knew shouldn't but you did anyway

    Hello SocialW!

    Gut feelings are there for a reason. I would have been dead or seriously injured if I hadn't listened to my gut and gone to a party one night with friends.

    One of my friends who was supposed to be the designated driver that night got really drunk (as did everyone else at the party, and I would have been too). He had a bit of a breakdown while on the road and floored it. When he passed the cop, he was going 130 mph. The road he was on had a bit of bump and a slight turn. Well, when he hit that bump the car went airborne, hit a telephone poll (which snapped into 3 pieces), and it bent in an L right behind the passenger seat. I always sat in the rear passenger seat in his car, and the rear passenger door was almost on the driver side of the car. When I say the car was bent into an L, I'm not joking. Luckily, the two in the car made it out with just being sore the next day, and no major injuries.

    If I had been in the car that night tho, God only knows if I would be alive today.