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    How do you feel about your spouses parents?

    created by Wonder Woman 007 607 days 7 hours 51 minutes ago

    Category: World

    How do you feel about your spouses parents?

    How do you feel about your spouses parents/ grandparents?

    I have absolutely no problems or issues with my boyfriend's mother, I love her to death... At times I wish she was my real mother. She is amazing.

    BUT his grandmother on the other hand could hurry up and turn over in her grave... Now I knoww that may sound horrible but you all really don't know how stressed out she makes me. Hell if my lose my unborn child its because she stress the hell out of me. She provokes me and she wants me to react so she can show/prove to everyone that Im not a good person.

    Lord knows I have been very humble lately and praying is the ONLY thing that's gonna make me sane.

    Any interesting stories?

    Re: How do you feel about your spouses parents?

    Hello Wonder Woman!

    I absolutely love my souses parents. My Mother-in-law is the sweetest lady on the planet. I see where my husband gets his ditsy tendencies from, but also his good-hearted nature.

    My father-in-law is a modest and generous man, with an interesting sense of humor (also something i see in my husband). From what I hear, that is also where he gets a bit of his temper from.

    I wouldn't say that I wish they were my parents, but I a glad to have them in my life. They are terrific people, and I always enjoy spending time with his family.

    As far as interesting stories... none that are appropriate for here!