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    Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

    created by TheCrimsonActuary 615 days 23 hours 7 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

    Howdy folks, hope you are enjoying your day!

    Today's topic is short, yet could spark some good responses.

    Do you like math? Did you enjoy your math classes in grade school? Are you still taking math classes in college?

    If not, what about math makes you turn up your nose? Have you had bad experiences with math in the past that has left you scarred?

    As an actuary, I must love mathematics. I deal with statistics, probability, and many other mathematical problems in my work daily. I always enjoy my math classes throughout school. However, I never understood why so many of my friends did not like the subject.

    Re: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?


    This is a funny topic for me. I say this because when I was in grade school I LOVED math, did so good I was being offered scholarships for engineering while I was still in middle school.

    Then I took off one year from school after graduation and by the time I returned to school, in not sure what happened. I took college algebra and failed twice!! Now my school is charging me out of state cost for my third attempt in that class for this summer courses. Almost 1000 for one class (I want to cry) but this time around ima kill it because I refuse to pay this much for a class again.

    Re: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

    Hello TheCrimsonActuary,

    I love math. It always came very easily to me. For a few years my math classes were the only thing motivating me enough to stay in school. My sisters used to joke that I could just read their text book and then help them with their college math, which I probably could have if I wanted to. XD I never really understood why people had problems with math, IT'S SO EASY!!!


    Re: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

    I ask myself this question everyday in school Crimson:). I am a Math teacher/tutor, even though I am science major. I chose Math because it was and still is one of favorite subjects. With learning the method and practicing a couple of problems, things make sense. I don't have to write alot or memorize too many things.

    I remember me and my friends loved Math and always assumed that the majority of people like it. But I guess I am wrong, the majority of kids in my school say they don't like Math. I don't know if it is the new generation or the demographics of just this particular school.

    I don't have to take Math classes now since I took all the required ones already. But my least favorite Math class is Calculus. I didn't learn much in this class at all. The exams were the same from every year just with different numbers. My friends and I would redo the old exams before the test and ended up with an A in the class this way. On the other hand, my favorite Math class is Algebra and Statistics. I am very comfortable with Geometry as well since I taught it recently.

    Thank you,
    Have a great evening!

    Re: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

    Hey Crimson,

    I'm still taking math and I absolutely hate it. I just can't imagine why in the world I would ever do proofs in the real world because they are just ridiculous. They don't make any sense to me and it just seems like numbers and symbols come out of nowhere. I think once you get passed basic algebra, you no longer need to know how to do the extra math because most people aren't going to use it anyways! I know that I'm not going to be doing half of this when I graduate and it's very frustrating. The worst part I think about math is the fact that if you mess up one number it messes everything else up. Sure for software developers, that makes sense to make sure they are careful, but I don't want to develop software! So, yep, I hate math ha ha.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

    Wow! I love this forum.

    Thank you Crimson for this question. Personally, this question is something I can relate to because my mom is a math teacher in school.

    Well there is this horrible myth that can be observed to be true many times, that the children of math teachers perform poor in math. Well, thankfully I did well in math and didn't embarrass my mother. But that was mainly because of the strong base that she gave when she sat and toiled with me for hours making me do a lot of problems and solve many practice questions. This foundation increased my mathematical skills as well as my confidence. The lack of such foundation is what makes math the black sheep in school

    Sure, I do make a lot of silly mistakes, but those I can understand if I am corrected. Math is a subject that has to be understood first to be learnt. It's not that subject where you can memorize facts.

    I guess that is the main reason why math is such a hard subject for many. They don't have a clear understanding of the basics and obviously if the basement is weak, the taller your apartment gets, it's going to be shaky and inevitably crumble one day.

    Have a great day !


    Re: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

    I absolutely love math. Although, I am a statistician so I'm probably bias.

    The thing about math is that there is always a right and wrong answer. I hate the grey area. I don't like writing papers because I am never sure what kind of grade I'm going to get. But, with math, I know if I am right or not.


    Re: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

    hi hi!

    I was a D student in math throughout my entire school history haha. I was never good at it, and if you asked me why is that? I think I was one of those kids that needed more time to understand it. I could never catch up with the class on the math problems, and I was too shy to ask questions because everyone seemed to get it but me, and so I was always behind. Actually when I took 2 math classes in college, it wasn't so bad. I took those classes online, and so I had plenty of time to read in, and take my time cranking it.

    Talk later!

    Re: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

    Hello Crimson,

    I've taken quite a bit of math, up through Calculus 3, and while I enjoy it to an extent, I've never been particularly great at it. My mom was a math teacher, and was a great help in high school. She even taught me high school algebra at my school! Looking back, trigonometry was probably my favorite math class, but I also really enjoyed algebra. Geometry, not so much.

    Once calculus hit, I was mostly left on my own. I've never got higher than a B in a calculus class, but at least I made it through them. I enjoyed derivatives and integrals, but I've always struggled with word problems, and am overall a poor test taker.

    I only have one more math class that I need to take, Discrete Structures, which I've heard isn't that bad. I only need to take two more upper division math classes to get a minor, which I've been considering doing, but I'm still deciding if it is worth the struggle. Linear algebra and proofs don't exactly seem all that appealing, unfortunately.

    If you don't have strong foundation of math skills at an early age, it can be hard to follow the new concepts being taught. English works the same way, but you use it on a regular enough basis, that it isn't so much of a problem. You have to regularly be taking math if you want to keep up your skills. This is why I think many people struggle with it.

    Thanks for the topic and everyone for your interesting responses.


    Re: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

    Personally I absolutely despised math but I feel whether or not a person likes math is based on how they perform in their math classes. In school math has never been my "thing". For some reason it was difficult for me to grasp certain concepts and basic problems were extremely difficult for me. As I've gotten older I now realize that I don't hate math, math is just hard for me and that should not stop me from taking math classes. I have to be much more attentive in my math classes and go over the material several times before I can finally grasp concepts but hard work doesn't scare me. I actually signed up to take AP Calculus next year and I am prepared for the challenge. Everyone has different experiences with their math classes but don't let the fact that it's difficult make you swear off math classes forever. Embrace the challenge and move forward!