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    Who deserves a plus one at a wedding?

    created by mistervancleef 611 days 8 hours 3 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Who deserves a plus one at a wedding?

    Okay, so my girlfriend's cousin is getting married this June. At first I was not invited. My girlfriend who is a first cousin did not receive a plus one on the invite. It was stated that after RSVPs were collected they would then give second invites. I was looped in that... I don't mind and I don't find it offensive but a little strange in my opinion.

    My question to you: Who deserves a plus one on a wedding invite? Only immediate family? Cousins? Couples?

    Can't wait to hear!

    Re: Who deserves a plus one at a wedding?


    I mean it really all depends on how close her and her cousin are. Really it doesn't matter if its a distant god mother or your twin relative, if your close enough then they are top choices. Now if they are not that close I can see why she wasn't invited first. Is there a problem with the amount of people that can attend (you know with the cost of per person of the wedding? ) but overall if your girlfriend was feeling some type of way that she wasn't invited initially then they must of been close enough for you to ask this question. Hope it all works out.

    Re: Who deserves a plus one at a wedding?

    Good morning everyone,

    In my opinion , I would give a plus one to my brother or my best friend because I know that their single people, and definitively, they would love to bring their girlfriend to come and enjoy the wedding with them so really I would give a plus one to them or to someone who is closed to me. Have a great day.

    Re: Who deserves a plus one at a wedding?

    For me personally, I would probably give a plus one to the people who are single. I know how award it can be to go to a wedding and not know a lot of people. But if someone who was close to me just asked if they could bring someone I would be ok with that. If a married couple is invited and one can't go, but they'd like to bring a friend, that would be fine because it would still be the number that I anticipated.

    I'll be having a Buffett style food, so it's easier to accommodate many people instead of doing individual plates.

    Re: Who deserves a plus one at a wedding?

    Hmm... I definitely think its strange to not allow your guests to bring a plus one. Who wants to go to a wedding alone?

    I'm guessing it was a space/cost issue but then maybe they shouldn't have invited so many people. It sounds like they were having a hard time being selective.