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    Awkward dating experiences

    created by joeycaggz 581 days 22 hours 59 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Awkward dating experiences

    Hey guys,

    so I do not know about you but I have had some awkward dating experiences. Saturday I met with this woman that I met on tinder, and took her to dinner at macaroni Grill. Things went really well, so well in fact that we end up back in my place. When we get there, she burst into tears, saying that I am out of really out of her league. She would not stop crying. I did not know what to do. I eventually got her to calm down. But I can honestly say that was one of my most awkward dating experiences of my life.

    Have you guys ever had an awkward date?

    – Joey

    Re: Awkward dating experiences


    So my most awkward dating experience was with this one guy. We went out to a restaurant then the movies. I noticed at the restaurant that he had a bad rash on his arm. But I didn't say anything. So when we got to the movies and i sat next to him, he had gotten comfortable around me and grabbed my hand and placed it on his arm to be a little affectionate BUT he failed miserably because he put my hand on the arm that had the rash on it. My skincells locked up and i almost died. It was our first date and I barely knew his ass so that was definitely a turn off for me.