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    Doing lawnmower is easy or hard?

    created by Frh 617 days 12 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Doing lawnmower is easy or hard?

    Helllo Friends,

    For the first time, Today I asked my dad if I can help him lawnmower. He as a machine that he sets on. He states that "It would be difficult for me", I said I want to try. Guess what I think about it YES, it was difficult for me it looks easy but once you sit on it, it is so hard.

    So, what you think doing lawnmower is easy or hard?

    Re: Doing lawnmower is easy or hard?


    Lol, I have never thought to lawnmow anything Lol, just yard work period is enough to drain me. But I never would have thought using a lawnmower machine would be difficult. .. If anything I thought it would make the job easier.

    Re: Doing lawnmower is easy or hard?

    I have been mowing lawns since I was about ten years old. I have used push-mowers, riding mowers, weed whackers, and edgers. I have become very skilled in using mowers and weed whackers, but the edgers were a little harder to use at first, but now edging feels likes second nature.
    Great question!

    Re: Doing lawnmower is easy or hard?

    Hi Frh,

    I actually really like mowing the lawn, but I haven't done it in years. My dad used to have my sisters and I help him do it when we lived at home, and I begged to use the riding lawnmower when I'd come home from college for the summer since I didn't have a car at college (so I jumped at the chance to drive, well, anything). Pushing a lawnmower is hard work, or can be (I always thought of it as a good workout), but I always felt like riding lawnmowers were a piece of cake to drive/operate (once you get them started, that is). I'm also not particularly good at making nice patterns that help me keep track of where I've mowed, but I do my best. :) I liked getting sweaty and dirty and working hard in the hot sun and then coming in to shower and feel like I'd done some good work. I went to college in the city where I didn't have a lawn to mow, but there's something so therapeutic about a good long day of yard work. Feels good. Now that I live in a place with a lawn I might try to see if I can mow!


    Re: Doing lawnmower is easy or hard?

    Hello Frh!

    At the current home I lie in, lawn mowing isn't very hard. We have one that has speed settings so you don't have to push, plus the front is maintained be the association. Lucked out here. I've definitely had to use my fair of push mowers on a larger lawn, thought, and that can be a real pain. The most annoying part is doing the edges with the weed whacker. I've gotten used to that by now.


    Re: Doing lawnmower is easy or hard?

    thank goodness my Dad likes to mow still and has sseldom asked me to do it. But, sounds to me like you do need funds for education if you couldn't figure it out. I can do it, riding, push ones, etc, but choose not to.

    Re: Doing lawnmower is easy or hard?

    I absolutely hate mowing the lawn. To be fair, I use a push mower. It takes me an hour. It's hot, sweaty, dirty work. It wouldn't be as bad if you could mow in the morning when it's cooler. But the grass is still wet in the morning, so I have to wait until lunch time when the sun is blazing.

    Last year, we paid a company to cut our grass for us. $30 a week. Totally worth it.

    Although, Rebecca is right. It is a good workout. Livestrong calls it "a workout for your whole body and heart healthy"


    Re: Doing lawnmower is easy or hard?

    Wow I haven't had my first time on a lawnmower before yet..I don't think I even want to lol; doing yard work is simply just not for me. At my house my dad usually takes care of our front and back lawns, but that's because he's an outdoor gardening guy so he really enjoys doing the yard work lol. So thankfully I never had to drag myself out there to work on our lawns before XD
    It doesn't look like easy work to me though. From what I see it takes a lot of time and patience and you got to know how to drive around your lawn well enough to make the grass look even and whatnot. The machine also doesn't look to be like the easiest thing to get along with either lol.
    But yeah, until the day when I finally have to do my own lawn, I'm just going to take it easy for now XD

    Have a good one!