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    Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    created by Rebecca Jacobson 608 days 11 hours 2 minutes ago

    Category: Politics

    Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    Hey CNET,

    This is a highly controversial issue, but let's try to think through it reasonably and peaceably. I think all of us on here have probably heard about how the President recently sent 59 missiles to Syrian missile airfield Horns in response to Syria's deadly chemical attack. Some have praised President Trump for this act, saying it's the first act the US has taken against not just ISIS, but Assad as well, since Assad is attacking his own people. Others have criticized the President for making what they believe to be a hasty decision that would only get the US into more trouble, saying he should have listened to everyone who told him to not get involved.

    Do you think the President should have sent the missiles, or refrained? If not, what should he have done? What do you think the US should do now?


    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike


    In my opinion just what im reading from your forum, I would say it wasn't a good look for America.

    You gotta remember EVERYTHING we do has a ripple effect consequence to it.

    Could this eventually lead to a third world war? Would more of our troops be forced in battle? Was this something we as Americans should have put our noses into?

    Im not a for war type of person and i do like peace and after seeing what America went through before getting involved in these world wars before, I fear for me and my children.

    9/11 and Pearl Harbor was too much for me... I just can't imagine was will happen from his choice of sending off these weapons.

    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    Hi Rebecca, welcome to Cnet

    I agree with the sending of the missiles by President Trump. So imagine Syria having these chemical weapons that they had no problem using on their own country imagine using them on US troops, imagine them using them on US soil, imagine those same chemical weapons getting into the hands of other countries that aren't allies of the United States and aren't afraid to use them. You don't need strength if you have chemicals. Chemicals will kill you from the inside out. What the president of Syria did wasn't just inhumane it was also a threat. So do I agree with his decision to strike A Syrian Air Force Base to destroy aircraft and chemicals that can be used to kill a lot of people ? Yes. And taking both aircraft and chemicals out of commission is not putting the United States at risk. There are so many defenses against other countries coming into the United States and causing harm.

    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    Hello Rebecca,

    I think that it was a good decision by Trump. It showed that America still isn't afraid to take a stand and defend itself or innocent people. While I think that it was a good thing that we crippled Assad's ability to kill his own people, this was also a power play to show other nations that we mean business. With Russia taunting us and North Korea making threats and testing missiles I think we need to let people know that we won't take it laying down.

    When Obama was in office we mostly did covert operations and drone strikes, but he was afraid to ever commit to anything stronger than that. While we still had a presence in the world it wasn't enough of a presence for people to respect or fear us. And by fear us I mean that they respect us or our strength enough to not attack us. I think we should continue to hold our ground as people push us.

    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    Hey Rebecca,

    I am really glad you brought this up. I believe Trump's decision to missile strike Syria was a decision from his heart, and not his brain.

    I believe it is absolutely awful what is going on in Syria right now. Innocent people are being chemically attacked by their own countrymen. Children are dying, women are dying, and it is sickening.

    However, I believe that it was a long decision to missile strike Syria. It sets a bad precedent for America... In my opinion, it should not be United States job to police the world. Some people refer to what is happening in Syria as genocide, but in reality, it is the only Civil War. While tragic, it is not the United States Place to intervene in a foreign country Civil War.

    Pres. Trump says that he has changed his views on what is happening in Syria, and believe wholeheartedly that we should intervene. Yet, president Trump still refuses to change his immigration policy. So those badly affected by both our missile strikes and the chemical weapon attacks cannot seek refuge in America.

    I think instead of waging a war with Syria. We should simply open up our borders to those in need. America is supposed to be a country with integrity, to help those who desperately need it. Our country is built on immigration, I believe that we should open up our borders so that Syrian people can seek refuge from the Civil War that is taking place in their country.

    Otherwise, we will be waging a war, and who knows how long it would last. Millions of Americans would lose their lives in the process, and billions of dollars would be spent. That money would be better off being spent domestically and bettering our country than financing a war that inevitably leads to the loss of more lives of both Syrian and American descent.

    Although I disagree with the prospect of going to war with Syria, I will continue to support our military, no matter the outcome.

    – Joey

    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    Hello Rebecca,

    Well since I voted for Trump and it was my first time ever voting in 40 years I stand behind Trumps decision. He was chosen for a reason "To get America Back" and I will still stand behind him.

    Have a great evening!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    I very much doubt the airstrikes "crippled Assad's ability to kill his own people" - he's killed & tortured many, many more of his own people in arguably equally inhumane ways for years now (in case no one has been paying attention for the last 6 years) & will probably continue to do so.

    Perhaps had we accepted more refugees, as others have suggested, less people would have been harmed & lives might have actually been saved. Instead, we've merely limited Assad's weapons of choice to bullets, bombs, torture, starvation, etc. Not the worst first step, but hardly something to be tooting our own horns about.

    There's a real question if the airstrikes even eliminated all or substantially all of Assad's chemical weapons, not to mention TBD civilian casualties.

    To me, it's sounds incredibly naive & ego-stroking to applaud our actions as "defending innocents/freedom/America" when we're clearly ok with people dying &/or being tortured in just about every other way. Sure, it's a matter of practicality, but then let's not pretend we're the oh-so noble guardians of the world order.

    Only time will truly tell, but despite disagreeing with the President on just about everything else, I find myself tentatively agreeing with the President's decision - for me it really, depends on what future actions or lack thereof President Trump takes.

    Again, it was a not insignificant first-step in the right direction, but hardly a meaningful resolution, much less a "silver bullet".

    TL;DR: let's not bust out the wine & pat ourselves on the back just yet.

    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    In my opinion, the U.S. needs to very seriously consider the Syrian Civil War, & determine a course of conduct to stick to one way or another. As far as I can tell, our half-measures have only served to perpetuate the status quo that is the hell-hole of Syria - just barely keeping the rebels in the fight, a fight we were never truly committed to winning & that's pretty much lost now. Increased military action at this point may very well only serve to further to destabilize the region, regardless of whether Assad remains in power or not.

    It's an unpleasant notion, but I get the feeling that fewer people would have suffered & died had Assad simply been allowed to continue his brutal regime without foreign intervention.

    If we were going to intervene militarily, then we needed to go all in or not at all. If we say there's a "red-line", it better d*** well be a red-line - one that we've fully thought through & are 100% willing to backup.

    In this I think the Obama Administration made a severe mistake - though understandably so given the horrendously failed interventions in Iraq/Pakistan/Afghanistan under the Bush Administration & the obvious complexity of the situation.

    It's important to note that Syria could have very well been yet another Iraq (& might still be if the US escalates its military involvement) - another +10 year long war costing trillions of taxpayer dollars, thousands of US lives, & tens of thousands of local deaths; all for a barely-functional democracy that collapses as soon as the wind begins to blow in the other direction, creating a power vacuum to be filled by equally if not more vile regimes.

    The Syrian Opposition was never a united organization - there was no stable alternative ready to take over once Assad was deposed. Fully & freely arming the Syrian Opposition could have very well resulted in those same weapons being used against the US in the future just like the mujaheddin the US armed in the Soviet-Afghan war.

    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    Hi Rebecca

    I'm going to be the odd ball out on this post, and I hope it doesn't hurt my votes in the next election. I'll just state my opinion and keep it short and sweet.

    I do not think it was a good idea to send the missiles to Syria. One of the reasons given for sending the missiles is because "we" don't agree with Syrians hurting other innocent Syrians. How are we really helping the innocent Syrians if we are sending missiles to their home? Also, do we really care about innocent Syrians when his executive order directly states that they can not come here?

    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    Policy Maker - I don't think disagreeing with everyone will hurt your votes. We need more disagreement around here. Conversations are very boring when we all agree with each other.

    Personally, I don't like Trump. I didn't vote for him and I was very sad when he became our president. That being said, I agree with his decision to send missiles to Syria.

    I do not pretend to be an expert in war. I realize that many civilians will die because of the bombings instead of the chemical warfare that their government is doling out. But, at least their deaths will mean something. At least, we are trying to stop this atrocity from happening. There may be a way to stop this that doesn't include bombing and civilian causalities, but as I said, I am not an expert in war. I don't know what that might be. If we had another, safer choice, of course I would have preferred that.

    Furthermore, I do think it is the United States' job to police the world. I think we all have an ethical obligation to do whatever we can to keep these kinds of things from happening. Just because horrible things are happening on the other side of some imaginary, arbitrary line (country borders) doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything to stop it.


    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    Hey, Rebecca!

    First of all, I want to say I appreciate a topic like this that really creates an educated conversation and makes you think! I think many forums only require a short answer. It is nice to see a topic like this posted and get a feel of what people really think about important issues!

    I had mixed feelings. In my opinion another war is imminent - it is only a matter of time. Of course, I don't want it to be in my lifetime or my children's. I was just telling my fiancé if there is a nuclear war coming, I am seriously thinking of moving my family to Canada (not even joking)! It sucks I have to even think about things like this.

    However, Ratio put it EXACTLY how I was going to... I like that we stepped in, because it shows that we don't throw around empty threats and stand up for what is right. I think the US needs to stand our ground and make it clear what we believe and follow through for what we say we will do.

    I am not saying I am a Trump-lover, but I do like that I know what he is thinking and going to do. Politics make me extremely uncomfortable, and I try my best not to lose friends by bringing them up. However, not being involved in politics dooms the country I live in, because we all do make a difference and shape the opinions of the people around us.

    I'm interested in hearing how you feel about this? What is your stance?


    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    Good morning everyone,

    I completely agree with WonderWoman that everything we do have a ripped and effects.... our actions triggers other things in nature that in turn can cause chaos. Did our president thought about ? The man is a bully and all he wants to do is show off his big guns forgetting that the entire world and the media is watching every moves he makes now. I think it was truly wrong of him to get involved with Syria given the facts that the President of the Russia is already taking care of that business. I hate politics and politicians. The real reason why he got involved is beyond me and they will never tells us the truth. Have a good day.

    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    Hello Rebecca,

    That is a nice question and really thought provoking,

    I am completely split on this issue. My heart agrees with what Ratio, Slackline and Motivated one are saying. Taking this action might be a warning to any other countries like North Korea who keep threatening us and a message to the Syrian president as well that his unjust actions will not be tolerated.

    But in general, I am still against that decision. I have lived in the middle east for a while so I tend to follow their politics from up close. I remember in Egypt's last election, the US was siding with the older president ( a member of the Muslim brotherhood-a group previously listed as a terrorist group) and the media here was lying to an unbelievable extent at that time. It took them a while before they started acknowledging the current president who the majority of people actually wanted.

    The point of me discussing this is that I have learned that everything might not be as it seems. We are sitting here hearing that Assad did this and that, but since I don't have a proof and have never lived there or have inside resources, I can't pick sides. Each country has its own culture and politics.

    Iraq is an unforgettable example on that. Saddam might have been strict with his people, but we have clearly saw what happened to the country with the "democratic regime" the US wanted to enforce. The factions that were previously controlled are now all fighting for power and we can't say that this didn't help ISIS grow. Innocent people are dying there everyday in numbers probably higher than the ones who died by the regime of Saddam.

    Our intentions might be good, but I don't think war is ever a solution, all we ever gain is more enemies around the world. I think it would have been better, if we must interfere, to have investigated the situation carefully first and maybe found another consequence.

    If it was entirely up to me, I say the US shouldn't interfere in anything all together. All the money and time spent on war, will be best used if applied for Americans. How many people are homeless, can't even afford to go to a doctor, working 3 jobs to make a living..etc and we are here worried about out image abroad.

    In the forum Raelo had about "if America was gone", many people picked countries like Sweden, Switzerland.Countries that aren't as rich as us, but reported to have some of the happiest people. That is because they only care about their people.

    Thank you,

    Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

    As a graduate, I sometimes pop in to Cnet when I have a few minutes, and then usually don't bother posting. This is my kind of post and the kind I feel there should be more of! Great topic Rebecca.

    I am happy to see America take a stance on Syria as there are horrible things happening there. That being said, I feel that missile strikes were not the place to start. If we really cared about Syrian children and other innocent citizens, we would start by letting them come to our country as refugees. If we had allowed more refugees to come here and escape the horrors of their country's civil war, then they wouldn't have been there to be gassed in the first place. We also would have increased monetary aid to Syria and Syrian refugees, rather that cut it. For example, did you know that Trump has cut aid that was previously spent to ensure that Syrian women were able to deliver their babies in safe locations?

    Let's not kid ourselves, Trump is a narcissist. The strikes in Syria were about him looking like the Big Man calling the shots. This was a wag-the-dog move to distract us from the fact that he isn't really doing anything except spend tax payer money to take trips to Maralago. If he stayed in Washington where he belonged and had his wife and son move there too, we would have money to pay for US AID, public TV/radio (those who know me previously will know that I am an avid NPR listener), the arts, our national park system, Meals on Wheals, and other programs that have been or are on the chopping block.

    While I applaud action taken to put a stop to atrocities in any country, I don't know that I support missile strikes, especially without consulting Congress first. The thought of our current president being in charge of "the button" has literally caused me to lose sleep. I try to assuage my anxiety by reminding myself that we have checks and balances in place that are supposed to protect us. Let's hope they work!