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    Paying it forward

    created by skywordsee 632 days 3 hours 34 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Paying it forward

    What opportunities or things in your life that has been given/granted to you that you would like to pay forward in the future?

    For me I'm really thankful for the opportunity that my parents have given my siblings and I. They work a lot just so that we have some finances to put towards our college degree to lighten the burden. Even though it's not easy for them and it does not fully cover the fees , I do still find myself thinking about in a daily basis and in my heart praying for them and just really grateful because I know it's not something that they have to do.

    And I do realize that not everyone has that opportunity because it's deafly just not easy thing to do school is not cheap, so in the future I would love to give back in the form of scholarships; it's not gonna be on the level as collegenet Lol but to the school I graduate from. It would be a yearly scholarship, a modest amount that I can afford and be consistent with. I would open it to all majors and also international students I don't see myself putting a restriction on it because I know that everyone has their story and has their different walk in life. so it would just be open to whoever wants apply and I actually don't know how I would go about picking who receives it but I think I'll have to come up with some sort of criteria.

    I do hear a lot that not everyone is made for school, but I personally do feel strongly that education is very important in our society and I feel like education definitely opens up many more doors so I would like to pay it forward and push people to get a higher degree.

    So what would you like to pay forward?

    Re: Paying it forward


    You know I wasn't blessed to have both of my parents in my real time of need. But luckily the lord blessed me with a wonderful mother in law who I wished was my actual mother. She has been there through EVERYTHING and she never left my side. If I ever have the chance in my life to pay forward, it would be to this amazing woman. This is one of those moments where if I had won the lottery, I would buy her a house.

    Re: Paying it forward

    Hi there,

    In April of 2016, some rather tragic new arose in my family; my mom was diagnosed with stage III C Colon Cancer. She is in remission now. (God is good!) I want to give back to children of cancer patients, because you never know what it feels like until YOU experience it. I hope to give back by donating, or creating a better treatment center program of some sort.

    Re: Paying it forward

    Hi skywordsee!

    Ah man, where to begin. There are so many people in my life that have helped me through. My parents helped me find a college, figure out what I wanted to do, and pursue my undergraduate, and they paid all my living expenses and more while I was doing my undergrad. I've had so many teachers and friends that invested time, money, and energy in me when I needed it most. I would love to give car rides to all the friends who picked me up when I couldn't drive places or wasn't able to borrow the family car, give money to those who gave me money or helped me pay for things when I was low on cash, buy groceries for my old roommate's ex-boyfriend (who, when they were dating, paid for my groceries when my card was denied because I didn't have enough on it), carry packages for the stranger who helped me carry my groceries and bike home, house someone who can't afford their own house or apartment, and offer prayers and support for all those who did the same for me over the years. I am forever grateful to all the people who have helped me through life, and wish I could give back to each and every one of them the kindness they've shown me. Good friends and family are a blessing, and I'm happy to say I have such people in my life!


    Re: Paying it forward

    I'm very thankful for a YouTube named Kati Morton and the amazing community she has created. Kati is a licensed therapist making YouTube videos on all things mental health. She cares about her viewer and has created a community of people who care about each other. I do my best to pay it forward by supporting Kati through Patreon and recently sent her a box of gifts to use as giveaways for her community. I also use what I learn from her to educate and help others.

    Re: Paying it forward

    Hello Skywordsee,

    I think it's great that you're wanting to give back by funding scholarships for students! I have thought about doing the same thing myself, but in my heart, I know that I still have a long way to go before I am able to comfortably do that.

    One thing that I am unbelievably forever grateful for is my high school counselor. From maybe just the second or third time I was in her office, she knew that something was wrong and she lent me an ear no matter how busy she was from then on. High school wasn't easy for me. My home situation was not the best, and she knew my sister had dropped out. I can't believe how detailed her memory is even today (I still talk to her) about my problems as a teenager. As a high school student, I skipped class a lot (though I had high grades and was an honors/AP student) and sometimes instead of going home, I would go to my counselor, who I would talk to until tears were running down my face. She listened to every word and constantly checked up on me. I felt like a spoiled child in her care. In fact, I wrote her a poem on the last day of school. I know it's cliche, but she was my lighthouse guiding me to shore.

    I want to give someone the same sense of security she gave me. She's filled me with such purpose and made me realize I can do that for someone else, and I don't have to be a counselor to do it. I will give in my own way--through teaching and volunteering--what she gave to me. It's a funny thing that this topic has come up because I have just signed up to be a mentor to a student through a program called Bright Start. It is one of the many ways I will give back. My biggest goal is to become involved more in the humanitarian sector.

    Great forum!


    Re: Paying it forward

    I'm truly thankful to my lord and savior that he has placed many people in my life to help me along the way. The individuals who has helped me is my mother and father. My mother had to sacrifice so much as I pursued playing the tuba in high school marching band. Also my father did all he could to keep my brothers I out of the street life.