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    What's the nearest beach to your home?

    created by JeneluRose 67 days 10 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What's the nearest beach to your home?

    Good morning C-net family,

    Happy Monday! So the nearest beach to my house is Lake Minnewaska which is one mile away. The lake is 9 miles long and on the other side is another beach on the same lake in a town called Glenwood which is 9 miles away from my home.

    So what's the nearest beach to your home?
    Do you like to go swimming at the beach or just sit there in the sand and relax?

    Have a great day!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: What's the nearest beach to your home?

    Hi Jenelu,

    I live in East Windsor, NJ; The nearest beach is 39 minutes and another is 40 minutes. During the summer months I normally go to the beach with my friends to have some fun in the sand.

    I grew up in the Bahamas therefore, I have no appreciation for the beaches in the NJ and the other states. Not only is the water ridiculously cold, I can't see what's in the water.


    Re: What's the nearest beach to your home?

    Good morning Rose,

    Talking about the beach sounds so good right now while I am at work. I can't imagine living in a place without a sea nearby.

    The nearest beach to me is Galveston beach. It is probably one of the dirtiest beaches I have been to. Last time I swam, my swimming suit was filled with seaweed. In general, I enjoy swimming in the water more than being on the beach, but since the water is dirty I like to walk, bike or jog by the shore instead. The beach is about 30 minutes away from us and we go there almost once every two weeks.

    Apart from swimming, Galveston Island hosts alot of events that I enjoy going to. There is at least one event almost every month of the year.

    Have a good rest of the day,

    Re: What's the nearest beach to your home?

    Hi Jenelu.

    I am from Minnesota and as you know, we are "the land of 10,000 lakes". I live in Coon Rapids, it must be the only Minnesota city without a beach. Go figure. :)

    I drive to Maple Grove to go to the beach, but it is a 20 minute drive. Ugh.


    Re: What's the nearest beach to your home?

    Hi Jenelu,

    I live about 30-40 minutes away from the nearest beach. Pretty much anywhere in New Jersey is close to a beach! We have the Jersey Shore which pretty much spans most the coast in Jersey. I love going to the beach. I don't go as often as I'd like because I am busy. Also, we can only enjoy the beach during the warm months which is about 3-4 months per year. You have to pay to go on the beaches and parking can be expensive as well. It is so relaxing though! I love laying out on the sand as well as taking a dip in the water!

    Have an awesome day!

    Re: What's the nearest beach to your home?

    Hi Jenelu

    Currently, I'm in the middle of the state for school, so there is no beach near. My hometown is on the Great Lakes. It's about a 15 minute drive from my mothers house to the beach. I can't swim, but I do enjoy going to the beach. It's relaxing, and it's a great place to have family time or chill with your significant other or friends.

    I will miss summers in my hometown just because of the beach. I do not plan to live there when I graduate from college as of now.

    Re: What's the nearest beach to your home?

    Virginia Beach, VA

    Re: What's the nearest beach to your home?

    I am right smack can in the middle of the country in Kansas. Not sure what the nearest beach would be but it's pretty far. I love going to the ocean and wish a I loved closer. I can't think of any good lake beaches we have bear by most of them are rocky or muddy.

    Re: What's the nearest beach to your home?

    Growing up in Delaware and then later going to school there I've always had the convenience of being an hour or two from several beaches, the Delaware beaches about an hour south and the Jersey beaches a couple hours north. This has always been great for me because I like the beach but I'm not a total beach freak so it's close and nice to have but it doesn't lose its majesty for me. With my situation it's great to have a nice day trip to the beach or occasional weekend or week long stay, it's just enough beach without being too much beach because I'm a total winter freak while also loving the beach so it's great to be just far away enough to have both.

    Re: What's the nearest beach to your home?

    Hey Jenelu!

    The nearest beach to me is probably Avila Beach!

    I usually just sit on the sand and picnic with friends, play cards, or beach volleyball.


    Re: What's the nearest beach to your home?

    4 and a half hours away from Myrtle Beach, but only a hop, skip and a jump away from Lake Hartwell.
    and, I like swimming, walking the beach and checking out the babes, and getting bronze.