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    When you don't have a forum topic?

    created by Sammy 637 days 1 hour 46 minutes ago

    Category: World

    When you don't have a forum topic?

    Hi lovelies!

    Do you post a topic every day? What do you do when you don't have a topic to post? Do you just post whatever comes to mind just to make that post? Do you check other people forums for ideas? Do you repeat your forums?

    When I can't come up with a forum to post, I just don't do it. I use my five daily posts to reply to other people forums. I have 275 forums that I've posted and I think I have one topic that I posted twice. I do check other people forums for inspirations and I've noticed that some people post the same topics over and over again. What?! One person has the same topic posted 13 times in the last year and a half. Boom I said it!

    Talk later!

    Re: When you don't have a forum topic?

    Hi Sammy,

    It looks like you thought of something for today at least:)

    When I first started, I used to feel the urge to post a forum everyday. But I realized that supporting other candidates by responding to their forums is just as important, especially when I know that I don't any engaging topics in mind.

    I usually pick my topics based on the daily conversations I have with others or daily situations in general. If I can answer it and (I usually put my answer with the question) then I know that it might be engaging.
    If I couldn't think of something, I sometimes google conversation starters and try to see ideas that were not discussed yet.

    I am not sure how I feel about repeating topics knowingly. I don't like repeating answers to forums and tend to choose original unique topics to respond to. I can imagine there are some that feel that way too and think it is more fun to have new things to talk about. But I do understand that there are new candidates almost everyday and any topic to them will be new.

    We will talk again:)
    Thank you!

    Re: When you don't have a forum topic?

    I usually will not post a forum of my own if I can't think of a good enough topic. I don't want to waste anybody's time with a weak and boring or pointless topic.

    I probably have repeated a few forums, however it has not been intentional. I merely have been on CollegeNet for so long that I lose track of what I have posted in the past. Though I think the majority of people I started are no longer active users, so I'm not sure if it would matter.

    Re: When you don't have a forum topic?

    Hey Sammy,

    If I can't think of anything, I'll try using something that I've heard off of the radio or something like that to get an idea out there. I'm not sure if I have repeated a forum of mine before or not, but I try to keep them original at least. I think that it's good to post new ideas, but I definitely have had writers block some days and don't always know what to post. You might be right about maybe not posting a new topic every day! I do like reading all of the interesting posts that are out there because it's interesting to see what people have for ideas that day. That said, I don't think repetitive posts are always intentional as either people don't really read through the forums before posting, or they just have a similar question or something.

    Have a great day!

    Re: When you don't have a forum topic?

    Hello Sammy,

    I am glad I am not the only one that's bugged by others posting the same forums over and over again. I don't mind when it's different people that might have just joined, but when it's one person posting the same forum over and over again, that gets me to think that maybe they just need something to post about and they don't think anyone will mind or notice. I just don't reply to those forums.

    As for myself, I don't really have a lot of forums. The main reason why is because I have a hard time coming up with topics. A lot of the things that come to mind have either already been discussed or are just not interesting enough. Sometimes it's also just that I think the subjects are too touchy as well and that might deter replies. I believe I have around thirty (or less) created forums.

    Seeing how difficult it is to create an active and engaging forum makes me admire how others such as yourself do it with such ease. Kudos to you!

    Have a great night :)


    Re: When you don't have a forum topic?

    Good morning everyone,

    I am glad to know that I am not the only who can't come up with a forum topic.... sometimes nothing really seems to pop up in the brain then I will spend my time reading other's post , or researching a bit and if nothings comes then I just don't post. It sucks but really you can't force it. Have a great day.

    Re: When you don't have a forum topic?

    I find inspiration for posting forums through my daily activities and just really what occurs during my day. How I go about it is that on my iPhone you have to record button so whatever I say is automatically recorded and translated it into words, I do that in my notes and I just kind of word vomit whatever I'm thinking about at the moment and then I edited copy and paste it Into my collegenet forum.

    I realize that it's not always what people want to respond to; In the sense that it's not really a light topic if I should say.

    So I don't even know if that is working for me, those kind of topics and thoughts that are on my mind because a lot of the very popular topics are things like... I don't think I should say it....things like what's your favorite color... or.... The easy breezy topics that really do not provoke any thought at all.

    Nothing wrong with topics like that it's just that shouldn't really be a reoccurrence or.... I don't know what I'm saying, I guess I just expect topics where I can learn from and I do see a lot of those don't get me wrong I do see a lot of I thought provoking posts.

    that's actually one of the reasons why really love the challenge forum because I learn something new especially the challenge from this from this week I was like wow that's something I never really thought about and I actually want to do more research on it because I found it to be really interesting. Who knew that drugs ads do not always cause a positive reaction?!

    Anyway all the best.

    Re: When you don't have a forum topic?

    Hi Sammy,

    I've had a lot of those moments. I don't usually post my own forums, but when I get an idea I like, I do. If I see or think of anything interesting, that will be my post. I find that the best ones are the ones that have some kind of personal connection, so I tend to stick to those. If I can't think of anything, I just max out my daily limit by posting on others' forums instead. It can be tough to get your forum out there when there's so many in existence already.

    With only 5 available posts, you have to be picky. I try to make my forums interesting enough to comment on.:)

    Re: When you don't have a forum topic?

    Hey Sammy,
    I rarely do forums, so for me its more of doing a forum when I have a good topic to talk about. I've only done three forums I think. Should I try doing them every day???

    Re: When you don't have a forum topic?

    Hey Sammy good question.

    When I don't have a topic I sometimes recycle old topics or search the internet for something I may wantbto talk about.

    Depending on where I am ranking in the current election sometimes I will just use all 5 of my posts on other people's forums rather then creating my own.

    Re: When you don't have a forum topic?

    Hey Sammy!

    I try to come up with new ones whenever I make a forum but it does get hard. The only time I use all 5 to just reply is when it's almost midnight and I have to get my posts in. Otherwise, I take the time to come up with a new forum. I try to think through my day and see what happened to get some inspiration.