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    Do you drink enough water?

    created by alexclevy 68 days 44 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you drink enough water?

    Hey guys,

    The other day I watched a video where three people tried to drink the recommended amount of water each day, and it looked really tough. The goal was for them to drink 8 - 8 ounce cups of water every day for a week to see how they felt at the end. One person said that he felt much fuller and didn't need to eat as much, and the other two said they did feel much more hydrated throughout the day. I definitely don't drink nearly as much water as I should, but I know that it's something that is very important. One of the participants set a timer on her phone where she had to drink 8 ounces every two hours. I feel like this would be something that I could accomplish if I really tried. One thing the participants did mention was how hard it was to drink just water. Many of us substitute water for sports drinks, coffees, and even soda. These products all share their downfalls, but we drink them anyways. I might try the water challenge just to see if I can do it!

    So guys, do you drink enough water every day? Would you be up to trying the water challenge?

    Have a great day!

    Re: Do you drink enough water?


    I definitely Dont drink my fair share. I typically only drink water when there's nothing else left to drink. During my pregnancy though I drink water right before I go to sleep to try to balance any acids I have in my tummy.

    If I had friends to do it with i would, I feel like the challenge would be funnier or easier to accomplish if I wasn't doing it alone. To me drinking water is like dieting, no one really likes to do it. Its hard.

    Re: Do you drink enough water?

    Water is pretty much the only thing I drink. I always have a water bottle with me. When I don't drink enough water in a day I can tell.

    Re: Do you drink enough water?

    I almost exclusively drink water and I think I manage to drink enough, so much so that I don't feel very well if I don't drink my usual amount of water. My water drinking habits started from my summer hockey workouts, me and my training buddies would go get gallons of water in the morning and usually by the end of the training day they were gone and then we'd usually go to chocolate milk post work out, then a glass or two more of water and maybe a protein shake at night. Basically just A LOT of water, so I've tried to always maintain that through college hockey and just through all of life, it's probably my most healthy aspect in life. I'm actually pretty proud of the fact that I drink enough water lol.

    Re: Do you drink enough water?

    hi hi!

    I think I drink enough... Some days I drink more than other days. To me a good amount of water is 3 bottles of water that are 16 ounce each. I use an aluminum bottle to refill my water. Some days I have to push myself to drink water, because one bottle is all I want. I think you should drink water if you feel the need, and not push yourself too much.

    Talk later!

    Re: Do you drink enough water?

    I tried drink 3 bottles a day and on the forth day I think I was like ohhh Orange juice I missed you so much I don't know what I was thinking .
    But I am gonna definitely try and start the water challenge I really think I can do it.

    Re: Do you drink enough water?

    There have been days in the last several years that I've practically felt like a fish because I used to drink quite a bit of water and when I say quite a bit I mean that I'd go through a 5-gallon jug from the water cooler in about a week! I do think I get the recommended amount some days but there have been more days than not in the last couple of years that I'd prefer something like soda, Koolaid or sports drink

    Re: Do you drink enough water?

    Hello Alex,

    I believe I get my share of water because that is what I drink everyday all day long.

    Have a great Day!

    Jenelu Rose