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    Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    created by EmmaJoy98 64 days 21 hours 17 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you put away your laundry immediately?


    Do you put away your laundry right when it's done drying?

    I tend to put it off for a few days. There are a few clothes that I hang dry and once those are done I do put them right back into my closet but the things I dry in the dryer usually get folded and I put that off for a while.


    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?


    Lol sometimes it takes me so long to put away clothes that by the time I have the energy to do so its time to wash again. I really Dont like doing laundry but it seems like the one chore that must get done.

    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    Hey Emma and all!

    As I write my laundry is doing some finalized drying all around my bedroom! My landlord has to put a new element in the dryer. Our dryer does not get very hot at all. I paid for two rounds of drying and the darn things are still too wet to put away, so they are all on hangers all over my bedroom, hanging from my bicycle handle bars and all! I hope no one knocks at my door tonight. It's quite a sight!

    Most often I put my clothes away right after they are dry. Most of my things just hang up, so that makes this all easier to accomplish. We have a new management team for our rental and since a woman here got busted with pot on the premises we now have spot inspections of our rented rooms (I rent a room in a house with 14 other adults having their own room, too). I don't like this new rule, but I am trying to deal with it. This is the only rental I can afford right now. Living in one room is not easy. At least all of my stuff needs to be kept in this room.

    My future plans include a place of my own where I can use all of the rooms however way I wish to!


    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    No I'm terrible about putting away my laundry. It sometimes sita in a basket for days. I really need to get better about that.

    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    Hey Emma,

    It's funny that you posted this because I'm doing laundry now and I have yet to fold it and put it away ha ha. I try to put my laundry away as soon as I can, but man there are just so many other things that I want to do instead of sit and fold laundry for hours on end. I really want to get a clothes line again because I felt like I folded that laundry more often than the laundry that I put in the drier. Maybe it was just because I had to go and get it and replace it with wet clothing or something, who knows. I'm just waiting for the day that they finalize a robot that will help me fold my clothes because I'm sick of it ha ha.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    Hey Emma

    I never put away my laundry right away. This is a terrible habit of mine. I have a hamper for clean clothes and dirty clothes because I know I won't put away my clothes the same day that wash them. I also tend to wash clothes really late at night, and I shower while the clothes are in the dryer. By the time I bring the clothes to my room, I'm ready for bed. It also tends to be on a Sunday night, and we all know we need to get sleep for the rest of the week. Or catch up on that homework that we procrastinated on.

    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    Hi Emma,

    I used to think that I am a neat person. But you always ask these questions that make me want to rethink my life lol like the "How often you clean your room" one

    But I actually don't like folding laundry at all, it is the worst part of washing clothes for me, especially having to match pair of socks. I sometimes end up taking the easy way out and just wear two different colors of socks, hey it is a trend now anyways:)

    Since I don't have time to wash my clothes often. I will wash alot of my clothes all at once and they can be in the dryer for a week or so until I get to folding them.

    Have a great night!

    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    Good morning everyone,

    I like to put away my laundry immediately to avoid living wrinkles in the clothes etc.... but other times if I am too busy or too lazy then I really don't do anything about it until I get a chance to fold them. This is one of the reasons why I end up ironing clothes sometimes. Have a good day.

    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    Hello EmmaJoy98,

    The only things I "put away" immediately are the clothes that need to hang dry or can't go in the dryer. If I take it out of the dryer into a laundry basket, there is a very good chance that the clothes won't be leaving that laundry basket until I either wear them or need the laundry basket for something. I always feel like more of an adult when I manage to put all of my clothes away right out of the dryer, but that doesn't happen that often.

    Thanks for your time,


    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    I really want to put my laundry away right away. I've been getting better at it. I used to leave baskets of clean laundry laying around for days. But I realized the amount of time I spend digging in the baskets to find something (and sometimes ironing because it got so wrinkled) wastes more time than the time it would have taken to put them away in the first place.

    But... as we speak I have a load of towels sitting in the dryer. They are dry and have been in there for 2 days.


    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    It depends. Sometimes I put it away right away, other times it takes a couple of days. I think how people approach this task really depends on their personality.

    What do you think?


    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    hi hi!

    I sure do! I don't like my dry clothes to get all wrinkly, and I don't like my wet clothes to sit in a washer for hours either.

    Talk later!

    Re: Do you put away your laundry immediately?

    I used to be really bad about doing laundry in general. I mean when I lived with my mom and step-dad, it would pile up in the laundry room until someone got to doing the laundry because either they were needed for work or we ran out of things to wear. And as far as putting them away went, well, to say the least, most of my clothes clean, or dirty used to pile up all over. Nowadays though living for the most part on my own, I actually have gotten much better about putting my dirty clothes in a laundry basket and putting my clean clothes away in my dresser. Granted, I have had days where my clothes would either remain unfolded in the dryer or be folded up in my laundry basket for a day or two if I've gotten sidetracked from putting my clothes away.