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    Highschool... Do you miss it?

    created by Wonder Woman 007 65 days 4 hours 29 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Highschool... Do you miss it?

    Happy Sunday Everyone,

    I have been going down memory lane and I thought to myself, sheesh, I miss my highschool days. My friends, the clubs, the teachers, certain memories that last forever. Just random stuff.

    Do you miss your highschool days? Are you glad its actually over and never have to step foot there again? Do you still keep in contact with your highschool friends? Do you talk about highschool like it was your glory days?

    Share your random highschool ventures!!!

    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    hi hi!

    Don't miss one thing about the high school. Those were some tough years for me since I was new to this country and spoke broken English. I didn't like the school system, I felt caged for entire day without the ability to leave the building and take a break outside. I couldn't stand the constant group activities which taught me nothing. The food was awful in school, no breaks between classes... I mean I could just go on and on haha.

    Talk later!

    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    Hey Stelisha,

    I sure miss high school- the friends, fun and my teachers. I was school Head boy and there was a lot of cool things and responsibilities.

    I had the best people around who shaped my life in a really great way. I loved it and I do miss it. But I still do keep in touch with most of them. Thanks for asking!


    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    Absolutely! I miss my friends and I had a very sympathetic teacher who was very interested in my career goals and was a great inspiration to me. He was the type of teacher any student would want to help guide them in their life and he was a very honorable, remarkable person. High school prepped me for college and I will never forget it.

    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    Hey Wonder Woman,

    No I don't miss high school at all. I had a really hard time in high school keeping friends and always felt really lonely. I also had a very awful relationship while I was in high school, so I'd really like to never experience that again. I do miss some of my music classes, but honestly that's about all I miss from that section of my life. I was just a very unhappy person then and I'm glad that those experiences have helped me grow to the person I am now, but yeah no way would I do it again! I do sometimes miss how easy the classes were though ha ha.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    Hey Wonder Woman and all!

    No, I do not miss high school at all! High school was not very much fun for me. I had a really hard time fitting in to any large groups. I was not a big alcohol drinker or drug user and not an athlete either. I was not a nerd, either. Many of the popular kids wanted me in their groups, but I just did not like high school. I got asked to the prom by three guys and just did not want to go. I think maybe I was battling a level of depression back then, being frustrated with all of this. I was in a lot of social groups in high school, but really did not have fun doing this.

    Now years out of high school, I am reconnecting with classmates and stronger friendships are being had. We all live in different states now, but have more contact today than we did in high school! LOL! It's a whole different perspective now.

    Things are good now. I still do not go to class reunions. I keep in touch with my high school to give them my
    e-mail address and all, but I have no interest in seeing these teachers or the hallowed halls again. That was not a fun time for me. There is not much of any good to relive.

    That's just me!


    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    I think high school was an excellent experience and I still have a lot of friends from those days, but I would never talk about it like my glory days and I certainly wouldn't ever go back.

    High school is excellent because you come into your own, learn a lot about life and set the stage to becoming an adult and even if you think it sucked odds are you at least took something positive out of it. For me I didn't have a great high school experience, I went to a school with really small graduating classes and they were all kind of tight knit communities except for mine and it had a lot of negative things in it. I was always the art kid who listened to "scary" music and wasn't the most social so I didn't have all that many friends and I seemed to attract a lot of negative attention from people who, for some reason, deemed me different than their friend group. That stuff doesn't bother me all that much because while a lot of people say they were bullied and didn't fit in and that tore them up I more so acknowledge it and realize that the friends I took out of high school were friends for life and the positive experiences I was able to gather are worth all that much more. So while I was able to gather a lot of positive experiences out of high school, I would never go back.

    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    Hello Wonderwoman 007,

    As a whole, I don't miss high school, but there were some great memories that I have from that time in my life. I was a misfit in high school and while I had a lot of friends, I distanced myself from a lot of them because I became very selective in my junior year of high school. For instance, I stopped hanging out with girls I previously referred to as my best friends. I felt like the more popular they got the more they changed, and I didn't like that. I went through an isolation phase and hung out with my friend Emily most of the time, since I felt she was very much like me. I hardly talked, I didn't attend school events, I skipped classes a lot (while maintaining a kick-ass GPA and being an Honors and AP student, mind you so it wasn't all bad), I read books on the grass like a hippie during lunch, I didn't go to prom, and I just barely went to my graduation ceremony because I didn't want to see everyone. While I'm pretty sure some of those things were a sign of depression, I do miss my teachers and, as I mentioned, I made a lot of great memories.

    If there's any class I loved, it was drama class. The mix of people was very interesting and it was the least judgmental environment in the school. I feel like that class brought a lot of walls down for me. It was the class where I talked and made the most precious friendships that I still have today. It definitely helped my self-esteem and nurtured the positive, energetic, and creative part of me. Without that class, I wouldn't be able to give I loved playing acting exercises like "Jumping Monkeys." It felt like I was in kindergarten all over again.

    Have a great night


    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?


    I definitely miss some aspects of high school. I miss seeing my friends every day. I miss not having to pay bills. Life was a lot simpler in high school.

    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    Hi Wonder Woman 007,

    I'm surprised at the wide variety of answers that you've gotten for your question! There are definitely some things I miss about high school. For one, compared to college, the classes were basically a joke. The teachers actually cared about us and took the time to get to know us. It was so much easier to make friends, because you had the same classes with the same people basically every day, which made things so simple. I also loved how low-stakes everything was - missing an assignment or doing poorly on a test wasn't nearly as detrimental as things are in college. In high school, you would have so many assignments, tests, and extra credit opportunities that you could almost always make up points. In college, some of my classes only have two exams (a mid term and a final) and if you screw those up, you're out of luck. BUT, there are some great things about college as well. The opportunity to take classes that benefit you and that you're actually interested in is amazing (so long gym class!) The freedom is both a blessing and a curse, sometimes the temptation to skip class is too real. But, being able to come home to my own space, and only interact with the people I actually want to interact with is pretty nice. Plus, the extracurriculars and clubs in college are so much better than they were in high school. I have so much more opportunity to make a real impact on the world now in college, than I did when I was in a small high school. So, in summary, yes and no.

    Thanks for your time,


    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    I always said that high school is a free club without music. You take how easy it is for granted once you go out into the real world and have to pay bills and work. Its comparatively easier than college. Wish i could go back knowing what i know now. Not paying bills, or for food, clothes, etc..

    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?


    I do not miss high school. Different than a lot of people, those years were not the best of my life. I foreshadow my mid to late 20s to be my golden years. In high school, I did what I had to do, and that's it. I went to school, played basketball, and did my part in student government. I did not have much of a social life in high school. This is partly because I am an introvert, and I also have anxiety, which I didn't really become aware of until my senior year. My teammates were my closest friends in high school, and I only talked to them in school. I never hung out with them outside of school.

    In high school, my mom sent me to a different district because the school had the best education in the county. While I am appreciative of the education that I received, it was not the best social place for me. I got exactly what I needed from the school, an education, nothing more.

    I find myself doing the same thing in college, but instead of basketball I work. I am more conscious of it now though, so I plan to get out sometime.

    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    I haven't had time to miss my High School days because I am still experiencing them. However, I do miss somethings that I have grown out of like little league baseball and just doing something just for the fun of it without it really having any purpose.

    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    I'm still in high, and I can tell you right now, HAIL NO! It is filled with gossip, drama, and annoying little tweens that don't know anything about anything and I can't wait to leave. I can comfortably say that I will probably not miss high school once I graduate.

    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    Finishing up HS now and looking forward to college. Most friends have been fake and too much into what folks think about them. Looking forward to having high school days behind me and having college days ahead!

    Re: Highschool... Do you miss it?

    No, No, No & Nooooo. I hated every single day of HS.