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    What makes you laugh?

    created by Nelikya 655 days 4 hours 34 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What makes you laugh?

    Hey Cnet!

    Once I'm laughing, it's really hard to make me stop. I especially have a hard time when someone around me has a ridiculous or uncontrollable laugh. There's been more than one instance when a stranger on the other side of the room will laugh uncontrollably, and I burst into laughter as well.

    Yesterday I was in a waiting room and the lady across from me was cracking up about something with someone on the phone. She was speaking Spanish so I didn't catch what the conversation was about.
    It got so bad that every time she laughed, I burst out laughing too. I felt so bad and embarrassed so I had to get up and take a walk. I didn't want her to think I was being rude.
    What can I do? Laughter is contagious :)

    What makes you laugh hard?

    Re: What makes you laugh?

    I love watching The Simpsons and Family Guy. Those two shows make me laugh a lot. My friends make me laugh because they do stupid things. My girlfriend makes me laugh because... well... she is just funny. My students make me laugh when they say things that I don't expect. Overall, a lot of things make me laugh. I love laughing because it creates a rush of happiness in your body. It helps so much with mental health. Laughing helps me get through the day. Laughter is pretty much the best medicine to cure any illness!!!

    Re: What makes you laugh?

    Hey Regina!

    I think the thing that makes me the laugh most are funny memories, and most of the time those funny memories come with inside jokes. I'd be sitting in class sometime and all of a sudden I would think back to a really funny moment because something in the class would remind me about it, and then I would start laughing uncontrollably. Another thing that makes me laugh really hard is SnapChat filters. Some of those filters are just soooo funny; the way that they change your facial features makes me laugh till my stomach hurts!

    A lot of my friends on Snapchat are really creative with their snaps too!

    - Kyle

    Re: What makes you laugh?


    Literally everything. I laugh at the most inappropriate times too because I think that everything is really funny all the time.


    Re: What makes you laugh?

    Hey Regina,

    There are a few things that will always get me to laugh no matter what. One of those things is funny pet videos because they are so cute and pets can be so weird! The other thing is people farting, I know it's childish, but I laugh every single time and I don't know why! There are times too where I'll be thinking of something funny from earlier in the day or something like that and I'll just start cracking up. The worst is when I start laughing and can't stop because then I sort of get stuck in this never ending loop of laughing because I laugh at myself laughing and it never stops ha ha.

    Have a great day!